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  1. Happy Birthday craigy37!

  2. craigy37

    Car Insurance

    ours is £155 fully comp for two of us, age 31 and 33 £150 excess Done well Craig...is that with Swiftcover??? No its with RBS but my wife does work for them so she gets a little discount so it is cheating a bit, We did get a cheaper quote with LV that was £151 for the same deal
  3. craigy37

    Car Insurance

    ours is £155 fully comp for two of us, age 31 and 33 £150 excess
  4. Maybe right Craig.......But how do i protect the doors?.....any other ideas? On a black one they would look ok, but any other colour i would get them colour coded to match the rest of the car can toyota not do this, I dont really see the need for them on such a small car anyway we already had ones on our Rav 4 but they were colour coded to match the rest of the paintwork if the car was bigger i would get them.
  5. i hae seen one in white with the side protection at i think it looks totally stupid if it was colour coded it would not be too bad i guess they would look good on a black IQ. On a white one it looks like it has sideburns
  6. Yes it is fine now done 70 miles in it very nice car to drive and quite nippy for a 1.0 bit sluggish in 3rd but very smooth and the turning circle is amazing.
  7. Ok i ended up reading the manual on how to start a car it now starts ok as i have never had to put the clutch down before to start the car sorry for being a dunce LOL i did not start it at the dealer they started it for us The black bungs have a small diagram on the bag it says they go underneath the the car will it do any harm if they are not fittted.
  8. Picked up our iq yesterday got it home went to go out in it an hour later the car wont start so we had to push it out of the way to use our other car. Also did anyone have two little black plugs left in thier car it says these should have been put in under the car but toyota tols us not to worry about them. Not impressed so far
  9. That looks just like a new tigra
  10. craigy37

    Help Me Choose

    We only opted for a standard IQ too as we dont need all the other stuff this is just a nice cheap 2nd car for us our honda civic has got all the gizmos we need when we go on long journeys the IQ is just a town car for short jouneys.
  11. craigy37


    Got a date now it should be ready next friday on the downside though i saw my first one today and our neighbour 2 doors down has one :( in white too. at least we can have a peterborough meet :D
  12. When we ordered ours at the weekend both black and white is about a 2 week wait, we went for white in the end as our last three cars have been black and they are a bit rubbish to keep clean and show up too many paint issues.
  13. craigy37


    now got our IQ on order got £500 off in the end Got £9300 for the part ex and £200 off the IQ should be here in 1-2 weeks :D cant wait had a test drive today and it is a nice car to drive.
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