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  1. Greetings, I have a problem with my 08 D4d yaris and I was wondering if anyone else has had this one. When It has rained the car turns over once then then the keyless push button indicator turns red, the first time it happened it took 45 min before it would start, battery checked out as only having 9 volts and discharging so I have replaced that, starter motor has been out and bench tested ok. After the third time I took the car to my toyota dealer who have been trying to diagnose the fault for the last week, the fact that it only occurs after/during a rainy spell indicates a water ingress / electrical fault. Has anyone else had this happen and are there any usual areas where leaks occur, I know it is like looking for a needle in a haystack..... any ideas ?
  2. tony65

    2010 D4d Woes

    The car is perfect or as near as possible, as you would expect for having a complete new fuel system. I Cannot fault the dealers at all, supurb service, even going as far as to phone on a regular basis to see how it is getting on
  3. Hi All, Just a feeler to see if anyone out there has had this problem, I purchased a 2010 D4D from a well known main dealer a couple of months ago and on its first decent run lost power when under any sort of load, returned to dealer to have faulty fuel pump valves diagnosed, These were renewed under warrenty as expected, a couple of weeks later the engine lost all power and would not restart for 30 seconds and when it did would die very shortly afterwards. Yet another trip to the main dealer who told me that the engine management alarm was showing poor starting, and diagnosed more valves and the ECU. These having been replaced the fault had not cleared, Further investigation apparently found swarf in the common rail, this apparently happens when the car was mis fuelled. The dealer to be fair accepted responsibility and liability after first checking the fuel but did say that the damage was severe. They have made the decision to replace all the components from the fuel pump onwards. Has anyone had this done before and if they have has the car been ok