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  1. Bob-J90

    Steam ?

    might be selling my J90 swb 128,000 miles mot
  2. Bob-J90

    Steam ?

    Hi, yes you are correct. I have just got back from my local quick fit and they did a chemical test on the radiator, this chemical tells them there is exhaust gasses getting into the water via the head gasket. and a starting price of £900 to fix depending on what they find... is there anyone on here that knows of a cheaper garage near: Shropshire. Thanks: Bob.
  3. HI, I have Lots and i mean Lots of steam coming from the exhaust of my 1997 Colorado 3.0Td Gx The small tank to the right of the rad is now filling to the top and bubbles come from the small pipe ?? the engine is running fine. can someone help: Regards Bob.
  4. Hi everyone. Im Bob from Shropshire, Owner of a green 1997 SWB Colorado J90 for the last 3+ years.