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  1. Hello, I want to connect leds with door switch dome lights. So, each led lihgts up individual when door opens. Where i have to conect? (+) and (-). Is there a certain pin number? My car is a Auris 1.33 (2009) 101 PS. Thank you for answers!!
  2. Hello, Does anyone know if this item item will work on auris 1.33? Thank You!
  3. Hello my friend!

    I would like to ask you a question.

    If i buy this product


    it will works on my auris 1.33?

    I' m interesting for the phone control. My audio is W13830.

    Thank you for your answer!!

  4. Hello, Where could i find Halo or Angel Eyes Headlights for Auris 1.33? I search on the internet but nobody sells halo headlights for Auris. Thank you for your answers!
  5. Hello, I' m a new member and i' d like to ask some questions. 1st: I have Auris 1.33 with NRE150L-AHFNKW engine on my car. Also, i dont have CRUISE indicator on my gauge, so i 'd like to ask u if cruise control will work on my car. I think it may work but i couldn't see CRUISE indicator lights up. 2st: I want to install Phillips DRL Daytime 9 on my car, but according to European Law i have to install with 60 cm between them. On Auris there is no such a distance. Please tell me your opinion. 3st: I want to install led in door handles inside car, but how i pass harness from handle to door and fuse box to take power and where i have to ground? Thank you for answers!!
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