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  1. Hi, I've currently got a 2010 T-Spirit standard Prius but have found a nice looking, low mileage plug in version. Apart from the obvious battery upgrade and ability to be charged via a seperate plugin port, is there any differences internally spec wise? My T-Spirit don't have leather heated seats, but this model does, is there any other differences to spec? I see the headunit is dofferent looking smaller in screen size but maybe easier to update the maps on. Does the plug in have power folding mirrors? Regards, Mike.
  2. Hi again, The video was shot after doing the school run which involved a drive of around 6 miles in stop start traffic. It can be heard inside the car quite clearly and upon applying the brakes gently nothing is heard until you come to a complete stop. The discs appear to be clean and not covered in rust spots(something which plagued my last set I had) which might of explained the sticking caliper issue as well when it was parked up and cold and wet. I find the brakes can be grabby, I have read this before on the net from owners. I don't know whether I should just leave it and see how things go, I take it to my local garage and get them to look at it. The car seems to brake fine and true, no issues there apart from this irritating noise!
  3. Hi, I've got a 2010 Prius and it's making an annoying noise which I don't know if this is normal, and would otherwise be disguised by the engine noise if running, or if it's something more serious going on. It seems to always happen when slowing to a stop in stop start traffic and the video link shows the exact noise I hear right in the beginning of the video. Any ideas? I had only had the brakes changed last year all round and this noise seems to have gotten worse. I had a rear caliper replaced as it was sticking at times when the car was parked up overnight. https://youtu.be/bPrkY46WAcI
  4. Same here! I use either Google maps or another free mapping app with my mobile via Bluetooth which I connect to the Sat-Nav unit in my Gen 3 for voice instructions and this works well for me. Mine is a 2010 model and has never been updates either. Mike.
  5. Forgot to ask, who is the company who provides the update? I remember seeing an ebay listing from someone providing HDD map and CDDB database updates. Mike.
  6. Hi, Joe I've got a 2010 Prius with the HDD nav system and it's a pretty simple job to remove the unit and replace the HDD. I seem to remember pulling the trim around the gear selector up which came loose, and can be loosened from the sides of the floating console, also removing the trim around the power button and also the main bezel around the nav unit. You'll also need a socket to remove retaining bolts holding in the unit and also to unplug the unit and various connectors from the rear of the nav unit. Mike
  7. Hi Peter, Welcome to the forums, If you perform a search for "EGR valve" you will no doubt receive a list of various issues all related to the EGR valve clogging up/failing. My storey is that I own a late 2011 Prius which up until a year ago was fine to drive. I took it out for a drive one morning and noticed whilst driving at around 60mph it would judder slightly and then stop. I ignored this for a few days and then I took my car for a drive to the zoo with the wife and kids and upon pulling up I noticed that the engine was still running(was showing a full battery) and it was making a clattering sound which sounded !Removed! awful and worrying at the same time! I spend the rest of the day in a bad mood wondering if I would be able to get home without issue, and also what the hell was making such a noise and also how much it was all going to cost to get looked at and repaired if need be....I booked my car at a local garage as on the way home I had the EML light appear and this was then read and it produced the fault code related to insuifficient air flow EGR valve which was then taken out and cleaned up using a carb cleaner and put back by the garage as they recommended I try this first before replacing the actual part to save money more than anything. I few months went by and all seemed well until I drove to work one day as low and behold the same !Removed! thing happened again, noises, jerkiness of power delivery etc and this time I took it back to my trusty local garage and told them the issues and even though I didn't have any fault codes appear on the dash, I kind of put 2 and 2 together and made an assumption it was most likely to be the same issue as before given the problems it was showing. Whilst my car was at the garage I was told they would need it for a few days due to been only a small outfit and them being fully booked up, I proceeded to look on Ebay and managed to find a brand new Toyota Prius EGR valve which I got lucky on and won for a bargain price of around £95....I had made provisions that I would need to cough up and buy one from my local dealer or a person off here who provides genuine Toyota parts and good prices...around £250 I think. My advice would be, buy the part yourself and find a good local garage and explain to them about the situation and find out if they would be willing to work on your car. I say this as a few garages I used in the past have been all for working on cars until you explain about it being a hybrid and then the fun begins! Most half decent "worth their salt" mechanics shouldn't be too put off working on the engine as it's no different to a normal petrol engine- albeit having electrical components related to the hybrid charge system and whatnot...the EGR valve does not require and interferance to the hybrid system as far as I'm aware and as such should be able to be swapped over with minimal tools and fuss. Mike.
  8. Hi, I recently fitted a dashcam to my Gen 3 Prius without issue. Not sure on the layout interior wise of the Gen 4 but it was simple enough and looks great. I bought the Mio Mivue 688 cam which has a decent sensor inside for poor light situations and it's got all the usual speed camera alerts etc built in. Mike.
  9. Hi, So I guess I'm number 53,000,000 in the queue Mike.
  10. Hi, I too received my letter last week for my 2010 Prius and upon telephoning my local Toyota dealer they mentioned that they have no specific start date as to when they can carry out the recall work. Being as I work shift patterns along with a busy job, I can't see if getting fixed anytime soon if they cannot at least provide me with a estimated date for work to begin. I guess I'm not the only one in line for this work to be done!
  11. Funny reading this as I have an unusual ability and always have of remembering not only my own past cars registrations but also nearly everyone's elses cars on my work car park after a few glances- some 200 odd cars and also half the car's down my street and elsehwere!! Even more amusing is like mentioned on here before, I can't always remember dates I should...Anniversary or birthdays as quick!! Never been of much use to me even though I work in the automotive industry(interiors) and i've never had to apply that skill elsewhere...
  12. Hi, I have a question and that is how easy would it be to add powerfolding mirrors to a Prius that don't have them? Am I looking at pricey replacement mirrors from Japan and wiring looms and whatnot? Mike.
  13. $30!!! I'd be lucky to anyone here in the U.K to even do one for double that cost let alone all of them......I've just posted up a reply in another topic explaining my situation and wondered if you had the same issue as me prior to any work done on the injectors: http://www.toyotaownersclub.com/forums/topic/165658-cold-start-knock-rough-running/page-2 Mike.
  14. Hi everyone, My car has experianced similier issues today(with a difference), I started it up all was fine. Drive to the zoo as was taking the kids out for a stomp around and along the journey some 20 minutes in I could feel the car jolting slightly and didn't think anymore about it as we were doing 70mph along a motorway. I got to where we needed to be, and upon pulling up the engine was making a funny clanking noise and I noticed that there was no indication on the display of any EML light and also no arrows showing up on the charging system indicating engine or electric motor charging status despite the engine running once I stopped which I thought was strange as usually with a full battery it will revert to EV drive mode and silence upon stopping after a long journey. After the visit, I got back into the car, started it and it made the clanking noise again and on the way back I could feel the car jolting worser still although it still drove and got us all home luckily-no lights on the dash still!! Is this modified manifold part related to not just startup noises but also jolting? I have no idea if my car has ever had the modified part fitted and i'm trying to rule out if I need to have the modified manifold fitted to stop the tell-tale noise upon startup as everyone has explained in this thread, but also maybe the injectors looked at which would be where the jolting problem stems from or does the older manifold part cause driveability issues as well? I have a 59 plate Prius, way outside of any free repair period I guess. How can I get Toyota to check if my car has been modified with the TSB info and part required? And failing that, how much is a replacement manifold? Mike.