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  1. Hi, my EML came on and scanning the car shows a fault in Bank 1 sensor 1.Advice would be handy in the cheapest sensor to buy and ones you have used. Many thanks. That is the right hand top (pre cat) sensor.
  2. That's the one Ian, thanks. Peter.
  3. Many thanks. Peter.
  4. Can you point out the buttons I need to adjust Steven? Ta.
  5. 2003 2.0 Petrol GX. My display is showing Litres per Kilometer, what is the procedure to change it to MPG?
  6. Sorry for the delay, photo added. If you blow the photo up you can see the white plug in the centre.
  7. On inspecting my "new" car 2003 2.0GX I spotted an unplugged connector in the engine bay lose to the battery. I connected it up and nothing seems to have changed. Any ideas?
  8. I don't know where you got that paint code, I will attach mine. Peter
  9. 2003 Rav 4 2.0 GX. Looking at the car from head on I am missing a small bit of Windscreen Surround on the passenger side bottom right. It is about 5-6 inches long with a curve to match windscreen. Photos to follow.
  10. When you said Crawfordsburn Road I take it you were referring to North Down Motors, they moved years ago to an industrial Estate on the Comber Road. Colin Adams are usually reliable, they asked me to bring in the log book so as they can try for a match. How is life in the valleys? My son and I drove down to Cardiff in 2015 for the Rugby World Cup game against Argentina (should have stayed at home!) lol. Peter.
  11. Thank you Cliff, you seem to know the area well. lol
  12. On my 2003 2.0 GX. Where can I get Gray Bumper paint to re furbish it?
  13. Thanks for the reply, will have a look.
  14. Hello, my first post and I'm looking for help already! I bought a very presentable Rav4.2 for my Daughter and one of the first things I noticed eas the missing circular clips that secure the panel below the windscreen (the panel you have to remove to get at the battery). Can anyone identify them and a source for me? Many thanks, Peter.
  15. I need a 2002 Previa Fuel Filler Neck Pipe. Can you tell me the Toyota part number? Will one from a 1991-1999 Previa fit? Many thanks.