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  1. That's never occurred to me. Work a punt for resorting my 2.0 exec with firbeglass rot on the spoiler... If you get the pic, can you post it here?
  2. Late to the thread, but if you're looking for anything I've got a 16 GL on my drive that I'm using as a donor. If you want anything, drop me a line (here or my username at gmail) and I'll see if it's there and working.
  3. I found the answer - apparently Japanese wiper arms used to have a flat end with two screw holes, and the wiper assembly screwed to the arm instead of clipping on. And a guy on ebay is selling adaptors to turn them in to hook ends -
  4. It's time to swap the wiper blades out on my '91 Carina 2, and I've realised that the sprung blade is screwed onto the wiper arms. Has someone before me bodged the wrong wipers on, or was this really how they were fitted?
  5. I'm looking to modernise my Carina II without ruining her character and my current project is to try giving her remote central locking. Dropping a 3rd party kit on her seems cheap enough, but I wondered if it was possible to give her a transplant from something like the E. Has anyone tried it?