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  1. Have had my OD two months now. It’s a great little car and I’m very happy with it. New tyres to replace the mixed Chinese jobs and new bushes have helped transform the handling. I’ve just finished fabricating a cover for the rear section out of aluminium checker plate And it looks the part, imho. Question for other owners, is the rear tailgate included in the central locking circuit?
  2. After a few hours with a disc cutter and jig saw, I converted a cardboard pattern I made into an aluminium checker plate cover.
  3. Open Deck picked up and so far very happy with the car. First job started is removal of heavy ziebart over spray from the rear deck and engine bay. Then need to see how the fog light and extra reversing lights have been wired in Is there a wiring diagram available I could have a link to please, or any other data/manuals please? Though the clips are all in place for the deck tonneau it’s something I don’t have. Quick search turned up nothing, any about at all? If not will need to find another solution. Also keen to meet other JDM and Toyota members, especially in the Yorkshire area, any recommendations?
  4. Good to know. Was not aware of the Subaru version though the rebadge of Mk 2 from Daihatsu had cropped up in my brief research. Have been told there is a delay with getting the wheels refurbished so collection date is now 3rd Feb.
  5. Good to know. Was not aware of the Subaru version though the rebadge of Mk 2 from Daihatsu had cropped up in my brief research. hope to collect w/c 20th so will post some pictures and probably questions too.
  6. Just arranged to collect my 2003 bB Open Deck in about 10 days. Anything come from this topic?
  7. Hi All, after a false start a few years ago I am finally joining the family. I have just agreed to buy a Toyota bB Open Deck 2003 and wondered if there were any fellow owners on here. The car is in good condition, but as with any JDM car, especially one that’s 17 years old there’s bound to a few things I’ve overlooked or will need as ownership progresses. Here’s to a great 2020 for us all.
  8. Hi Guys and Girls, I have a very short short-list for my next car and the GT86 is right at the top of the list. Any buying advice would be much appreciated. I'm based in Leicester Cheer Peter