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  1. Hi Toyota Landcruiser members. I have a Toyota Landcruiser 2.8 litre Automatic Invincible with two batteries. Could you please advise me how to charge up the batteries with an external charger? Can I charge up the batteries in situ and should I treat each battery separately? Many thanks for any advice.
  2. Hi can anyone give advice on the Timing Belt warning light which is now showing on the dashboard? The belt was replaced 37000 miles ago and about 3 years and 7 months by the main dealer.The engine sounds o.k. but I dont want to risk a timing belt failure. Many thanks.
  3. Hi, It could be the aluminium pipes underneath the vehicle which are prone to corrosion. Good Luck.
  4. Hi Stompe, I had this same problem with my Invincible when the vehicle was just outside the 3 year warranty. I took the vehicle in when it was under warranty for regassing and my view is it should have been picked up then within the 3 years. The toyota dealership put a claim in to Toyota as it was just outside the warranty. Toyota agreed to stand 80% of parts costs and the Toyota dealership (Vantage Toyota) agreed to stand 80% of labour costs. The job was done and my contribution was £396 including VAT. Just hope the pipes don't fail again for some time. Good Luck.
  5. Hi dav806, Thanks for your response. Toyota main dealership say they have never come across this problem either so I think I will just carry on and hope for the best. Thanks again. Preston Lad.
  6. Hi i have a Landcruiser Invincible 3 Litre auto registered in 2008 and has done 81000 miles. I have just seen on Honest Johns website that the oil cooler can crack and result in engine coolant entering the transmission system. No such failure has occurred as yet. He advises replacing the entire radiator and hear exchanger as any such crack in the oil cooler can result in failure of the torque transmission and a massive bill would follow. Has any member come across this before and what would be the price for replacing the rad and heat exchanger? Many thanks.
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