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  1. Please close, delete, remove, pirate or yoghurt this thread. Car is now sold! 😀 (Sadly not to a member here) 😞
  2. Just ... Wow. They must have been on drugs or something as no sane person could justify that any part of that plan was a good idea.
  3. Living in a flat I can only ever use a locally run jet wash place. And even then I only use the lance, never the brush attachment. Once whilst waiting to use the jet wash I sat in disbelief as this guy's kid scrubbed the floor with the brush. RIP to anyone who uses that public jet wash brush.
  4. Hey Folks. The time has come for my cherished Celica and I to part ways as I've bought a new car which I'm picking up on Saturday. I wanted to offer you all first refusal before I list it elsewhere. I'd really like to see it go to a good home. I’ve owned a couple of Celiacs and I've always spared no expense in the upkeep and has been meticulously serviced each year and treated with mechanical sympathy. £2400 O.N.O - Car + All Camera / Multimedia / SatNav & spare parts I have £2xxx - Car with your selection of the tech or spares - make me an offer. £1750 O.N.O - Car REG: GL04HDD Silver Celica VVT-i (140) with Premium and Dynamic pack - 140BHP VVT-i (2004) 132K Miles 132k Miles - Averaged 6k miles a year for the last 4 years. MOT Till April 2021 (No advisories) 2 Keys, 3 owners Lost count how many service stamps in the book, It's about 10 Toyota stamps and the rest are my local independent shop. I'll dig all the paperwork out of invoices, service history and keys / log book and put up pics if someone is genuinely interested. There's plenty of it. Including original owners manual and leather folder thingy. Everything works as it should. Digital Climate control / electric sunroof Full Black Leather Interior, no rips or tears (non smoker) Desirable dynamic front lip, side skirts and rear valance. Rear quarters and rear window professionally tinted. New clutch fitted at 117k (2017) Radiator Replaced (2018) New Bosch Battery (2018) 2 x new o2 sensors and MAF replaced with genuine Denso 5x 17inch multi-spoke alloys with Toyota centre caps 5x AVON ZV7 225 45 R17 Tyres. around 10k miles done on them since new. £400 of custom exhaust with cat / central resonator and horizontal back box (not noisy at all) Always serviced every year when it had its MOT. £650+ of SatNav / Camera and Radio / Media Equipment installed: 7” Touch Android Oreo 8 Core Stereo with decent hands free mic installed. Radio, Bluetooth, Google Maps / Spotify / Youtube, GPS receiver, WiFI hotspot, 3 x USB inputs and Torque via ODB2. Can also support DAB and Wireless tyre pressure monitoring if you buy the extras. I'll give all info, manuals and box to the new owner and explain all. (Spare interior centre console included If you wish to revert the twin 7” screen setup) 7” Garmin 65L Sat Nav built into dash which also supports bluetooth phone pairing with lifetime maps / traffic / Speed cameras. (Spare interior centre console included If you wish to revert the twin 7” screen setup) Got a Garmin wireless reversing camera that works with the sat nav display you can have it if you want it. Never installed it. Garmin 65W 1440p 180 degree Dashcam Got the original boxes for all this stuff too which you can have if you want it. Orange footwell lights to match dashboard and centre console illumination (Choice of 16 colours, dimmable, and has an on off switch in the centre console) Interior light replaced with OSRAM LED It needs absolutely nothing doing mechanically. It's always been solid and reliable and never let me down. It's been my pride and joy The bad: Wheels could ideally do with a refurb some motorway stone chips to the bonnet There is a tiny dink near the fuel filter cap A few age related scuffs namely on the front left bumper. There is a patch of lacquer peel on the rear bumper There was a tiny bit of rust in the front left wheel arch from a stone-chip (I've treated it with Krust) Pretty typical age related stuff really. Comes with bonus spares if you want them! Spare set of matching colour door mirrors (from my previous Celica) Spare set of Original headlights (from my previous Celica) Original Factory car radio supplied too. Spare interior centre console If you wish to revert the twin 7” screen setup £2400 O.N.O - Car + All Camera / Multimedia / SatNav & spare parts I have £2xxx - Car with your selection of the tech or spares - make me an offer. £1750 O.N.O - Car If there is anything you'd like more detailed pics of or additional info about anything please just ask. If you don't want any of the radio / sat nav / camera or want a particular thing or combo, just state so in your offer. Kind regards Jay
  5. Bit late to reply but yes. They warm pretty quick and with air con off, when the fans kick in they only run for say 20 or 30 seconds before turning off again. my fans only come on if I’m stationary for a while or slow moving traffic for a while. In normal driving they never come on. Unless you have air con on of course. how are you finding your new celica? Enjoying it I hope!
  6. Just a reminder that catalytic converter thefts are at all all time high right now. I just had mine stolen on Friday in broad daylight in about 2 minutes flat at around 6pm in the evening. They ripped off all the o2 sensors too which I had only just replaced last year with genuine denso ones. I'm gutted. Local police said they are primarily targeting Honda and Toyota, especially the Prius, Auris and Jazz. Even more so if it's hybrid. However they must be running out of Priuses as they are turning to just about anything with a Toyota badge on it irrelevant of the age of the car. Apparently a car auction got hit overnight recently with over 150 catalytic converters stolen. My local garage said they will weld some steel rods along the top of the new cat, strap it with steel cable and weld in a metal sheet / cage. I can't even source an OEM cat for my car either so I'm going to have to get a sports cat from a name brand like magnaflow as I don't trust any of the cheap compatible cats on the internet. My garage says that sports cats are a lot less desirable to thieves too as there is hardly anything in them. My car just doesn't feel the same ever since. We've all heard of catalytic converter thefts but I guess I didn't see any major news about it and had no idea that I was at risk with a targeted vehicle. If I had of known I would have done something preventative sooner. Here's hoping I can save someone else the nightmare. Stay safe out there, the scumbags are out there looking.
  7. I'm very late replying but hopefully this will help others. Have to second Scarlet Arrows advice that there is no superior aftermarket light compared to the OEM lights. However, you can polish up even the most badly faded headlights! I got myself a foam disk drill attachment kit for about £7 on Ebay and with some cutting compound went over it with a cordless drill. It's worth noting the light on the right has been gone over by hand with two headlight polishing kits I had bought from shops and still wasn't happy with the results. the light on the left is after about 10 minutes with the foam disk drill attachment...
  8. The mixed reviews you've read are likely due to the fact that a lot of cheap strut braces are no more than decorative trinkets and offer nowhere near enough rigidity to provide any significant benefit. Of course, a properly performing strut brace will add rigidity to assist in maintaining optimal camber angle and suspension geometry. Unfortunately, for me at least, there was no magical night and day difference with/without. On an older car that's seen some miles, adding some rigidity is never a bad thing. However, any benefits you'd likely gain will almost certainly be negated by the next weakest link in the chain eg: worn suspension bushings, worn shocks, inadequate anti-roll bars, worn/misaligned tires/suspension etc. I would make sure everything else is in good shape before spending any money on strut braces.
  9. Another test for the MAF is to unplug the connector to the MAF, it will idle rough but see if it's up on power when driving with the MAF unplugged. Another way to reset your ECU without messing around with the battery is to just remove and reinsert the ECU fuse. Based on the codes you got, I'd suspect fuel pump or the fuel pressure sensor based on what you've already tested.
  10. As long as you key it up with 1200 / 2000 grit, you can add more clear coat. Just be sure to coat the entire bumper or there will be a difference in colour. Rattle cans always seem to have a dull finish, machine polish for best results to get that glossy shine.
  11. Not sure if you'll be back to check on this post as it's been a while. Most important for the Celica is evidence of regular oil changes, ideally every 5k. If there is missing service history and the mileage on the MOT history indicates it's been doing 10k plus a year, I'd likely walk away as I'd not trust that many folks service their car more than once a year. The risk here is that without regular oil changes it could have become an oil eater, although this was largely resolved in 03 models onwards, they are merely less prone to this problem and not immune. Regular oil changes are critical for the Celica. For a GT or VVTL-i, test the lift kicks in at 6200rpm, it's common for the lift bolts to fail preventing the lift from kicking in. It's not costly to repair and could make for a good negotiating point if the current owner isn't very savvy The radiators are prone to leaking typically at the bottom corners, they often start out as very slow leaks that can take weeks to spot. All the plastic engine under trays make it very difficult to inspect properly when viewing a car. Keep an eye on your coolant like a hawk for the first couple of months if you pick one up and the radiator hasn't evidently been replaced. I've had two Celicas now and I've had to replace the radiators on both of mine. The rear boot struts are prone to failure, especially with the giant rear wing of the GT. Cheap fix though Not too common but the rear springs have been known to collapse/snap, the springs are cheap enough to replace but access to them isn't much fun. The rear brake disk calipers are prone to corrosion/seizing, be wary of anyone who says the brakes need doing as you could get stung having to replace or refurbish calipers. For VVTL-i / GT models, just be aware that some parts are becoming increasingly difficult to get hold of compared to the 140 model. The only difference between the VVTL-i and a GT is that the GT sits 30mm lower from the factory and has the giant rear wing and side skirts. Everything else is the same.
  12. I forgot to add, Depending on your insurance or breakdown cover. Lost keys may be covered. Insurance, if covered, could overcome the cost of replacing the keys at the expense of your excess. Certain breakdown companies treat lost keys as a breakdown and will recover the vehicle.
  13. Sorry to hear about your predicament. What an absolute nightmare. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to overcome an immobilizer. Without a key fob which has a paired transponder chip inside that is read when your key is close to the ignition barrel, you're in a really bad situation. Do you have spare keys back at home? If so, that is going to be your best bet. That or getting it towed back home. Alternatively, if you have no other set of keys with a transponder, the options are a bit grim: You will need to order a new RFID key (ensuring it has a blank transponder) as many keys are sold without the transponder as they expect you to swap your existing one into it. When it arrives, you'll need to perform the process of pairing a new key. Although, If you don't have any existing keys with a transponder to do the pairing procedure, you'll have problems as your circumstances are just like that of a stolen car. What's to stop someone from managing to open a door and then request a new key. Toyota will likely not help with this at all without proof of ownership and will often require the car physically for security in order to pair a new key without any existing keys. (it wont be cheap either) likely around £300 to £500. Alternatively, if you have no other spare keys with a transponder for your car, the other option is going to be to get a replacement ECU including replacement door locks and keys and swap the whole lot over. Sorry that it's not better news. 😕
  14. If there is a leak it must be an incredibly tiny one if over the course of 1200 miles you lost such a marginal amount of coolant. As the pink crust is dried out, I'd perhaps remove that crusty stuff and see if it reforms. Or maybe just slap a chunk of cardboard under the car and see if any drops turn up. Although looking at how tiny that leak is I doubt you'll get anything. Personally, I wouldn't be bothered.
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