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  1. momo88

    Parts king

    Great, thanks. I'll just wait for him to reply to my PM.
  2. momo88

    Parts king

    Hi, Is parts king still the person to contact regarding parts prices? I'm looking for the NS wingmirror indicator on my 2012 T27 avensis. Many thanks
  3. Hi there, can I ask how you pulled the glass out? Also, where did you buy the indicator from? The plastic cover on my indicator has smashed but until recently the indictor was bright and working as normal. However, now it is very dim and I doubt will pass a mot. Konrad, thanks for doing the tutorial!
  4. Oh dear, don't get me started on the wind deflectors. I have a set of those already and they have been blamed for the noise by Vauxhall and Toyota on all occasions. I have been adamant that they are not the cause of this and it took for me to take them off and be in the car with a Toyota mechanic before they agreed with me.
  5. Evening all, I bought my 2012 Avensis estate from a Vauxhall garage in November last year but after driving it for a while I noticed that there was wind noise coming from around the driver side air vent. I took it in to them to determine the problem but they couldn't source a cause. After a lot of back and forth they replaced the rubber seal (under a 12 month warranty cover I took out with them) around the door but it didn't resolve anything.I'll add that the reason I took the warranty out with Vauxhall was that the were offering it at a lower price than normal and the car hadn't had a service at the Toyota service intervals so I was worried that this may void the 5 year warranty I would get with them. As it was still within the 5 years I thought I'd try Toyota. When I did, they have said that they need to replace 2 parts, I've had a look on the net and found that they are: Part 67861-05060 (WEATHERSTRIP, FRONT DOOR, RH) Part 68141-05040 (RUN, FRONT DOOR GLASS, RH) This will cost about £270... I'm not too keen on that. They say that as its rubber seals, they are regarded as wear and tear so not covered under the 5 year warranty. I can see that the first one may fall under this category but will the 2nd? My plan tomorrow is to call Vauxhall and complain that the noise is still there and that Toyota are recommending that I replace the above parts. As they replaced a seal under warranty last time, I'd assume they would this time. I guess my question is, what are people's opinion on all of this and has anyone has any similar experiences? Thanks in advance guys, Mo
  6. Nope? No pictures! Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  7. Hi all, I've had the avensis tourer for a couple of weeks now and all is going great. A couple issues I have found with the car, firstly, there is an awful lot of wind noise coming from the driver side air vent. I thought it may have been due to the high wind speed we had around Bristol but now that it had died off and I'm still getting it. I'm a bit confused by it. I tried closing the vent but it is still there. It only happens at motorway speed. Mpg wise, I'm getting around 36 around town. I thought it would have been a little bit higher. Also, in a fully ladened trip with a bike on top, 400mile trip to scotland I got about 34, 35. Is this normal for a 2012 1.8 auto? Any advice?! Cheers
  8. Hi, do you have pictures? Do they come with tyres too? Sent from my SM-G900F using Tapatalk
  9. I have the Thule 1427 adapter pack for the Yaris, to be used with Thule 754 footpack. £25 buy it now with postage as per advert. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Thule-1427-adapter-pack-/262144474165?nav=SEARCH
  10. I have my Thule 754 footpack for sale on ebay. Here is the link, hope that is alright. But it now for £45 plus postage costs as per advert. http://m.ebay.co.uk/itm/Thule-754-foot-pack-/262144417546?nav=SEARCH
  11. Interesting! I may look out for them and purposely drive by to test it out haha! Thanks for the quick reply guys!
  12. Hmm strange! We were in a multi story!
  13. So took the 'new' car out for a shopping trip amd parked up on a multi story car park. As we circled the ramp that took us to the top we would get a beeping sound. I'm sure it was a double beep. I thought it may be something to do with the sat nav losing signal (if it actually ever does) but wasn't sure. It made the double beep twice and then once more as we left the car park. Its a 2012 auto avensis tourer, had this happened to anyone else before? Thanks!
  14. Thanks a lot for the help. Will check out those pdfs once I get on to a computer!
  15. Hi all, Is it possible to retrofit heated seats and/or power folding mirrors? These are things I have done to previous cars as they have had the wiring looms already in place but needed one or two bits to complete the systems. This would be on a 2012 Avensis Tourer TR. Thanks in advance
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