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  1. Hi everyone, My girlfriend as had her trusty Yaris for years now, its never missed a beat! Until I got behind the wheel and it felt like it had a hard rev limiter at 4500rpm, which obviously is near where the VVT would kick in. I consider myself an amateur mechanic, and it needed a service anyway (she didn't realise that an MOT did not include a service, and it hadn't had one for 2 years) so after giving it a thorough clean, I tried to tackle the VVT problem, first by checking the oil flow sensor on the side of the head. It looked clean and wasn't blocked up, so I assumed it was okay. (it was also covered in oil) Now I've looked around on the forums before but with no success, as the only VVT issues I've found seem to be on Celicas. Does anyone have any more information? anyone experienced this problem before. Its not intermittent, it never activates (and even after a 4 hour drive) Shes coming down for the weekend and I would like to try fix it, so I wanna find out and get some parts ordered if needed. Thanks!