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  1. Hello RE Left Hand Drive 2002 Rav 4 Diesel Manual 4 x 4 1) I have a camera for reversing. How does anyone place the camera so that one can see the distance from the spare wheel cover to the car behind? If I place the camera on the rear screen, inside, above the wheel cover the wheel cover blocks the view of the distance available. As the camera is low cost I may stick it onto the wheel cover but it may be cut by a vandal. Any ideas please? 2) I Have hands free telephone with microphone on the front windscreen reversing mirror and a dash cam. How do I remove the side pillar cover on the right hand side to hide the wiring that needs to come down to the cigar lighter. The car is built so well there is no gap along the panel cover 3) Is there another way to route the cable? perhaps alongside the radio and buttons assembly but it may be visible but better than being seen across the dashboard Thank you
  2. I am trying to secure a power cable (for a dash camera) and another cable for a hands free telephone mic - the cable run from the rear view mirror along the top of the windscreen, down the side pillar, behind the glove box and into the cig lighter. RAV 4 2002 4 Door Diesel Auto The car build is so good I cannot squeeze the cable behind any joints! 1) Is there an easy and safe way to remove the trim to hid the cables? Can I remove the roof lining and side pillar - if so how 2) OR a recommended supplier of double sided tape? I have tried small self adhesive clips but these fall off Thanks for any advice
  3. RAV4 VX 2002 diesel manual - had the engine warning light glow when on the motorway yesterday, Friday, and lost 80 percent of power, it was like the hand brake being on No back fire or other noises Pulled / crept into a safe parking area that luckily appeared in a few yards, checked oil levels and contacts Thankfully (good Toyota! ) it started again without the light and I was able to completed my journey :) NO problems But I will go to the garage monday to get a diagnostic I do not think anyone can tell what it is without the computer check but I write this message in case anyone has any advice Thank you
  4. Thank you so much There was indeed more play for it to go back now it does and all works correctly I need to do this to make space for a dog - I think I need to make sure the seat does not fall back to its seated position and injuring the dog, so wonder if a strap is needed. I see the bar has to be lifted to release the seat back to its seated position so it is unlikely that can happen by accident but even so, would like to lock it more securely in its folded position THanks again
  5. Hi As you know there is a small black lever to allow each rear seat base to hinge forward and fold behind the front seats There are two, one for each rear seat One works the other does not so the seat is locked in the standard position Is there a fix for this? The grey material tab that one pulls to release the entire seat seems jammed as it does not open the hinges to allow the seat to be removed Any ideas, solutions most welcome. I need to fold the seat so a dog can be behind the seats Many thanks (picture attached)