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  1. hi guys, does anyone have got any experience with this?
  2. hi guys. t27 2011 - i believe that my lumbar support mechanism died. I can hear some whirring when inflating but no deflate noise. lumbar support seems to be stuck in the upper bit of the driver seat. where can I start digging so maybe at least I can deflate the support? thanks guys
  3. Hi guys, so I got new denso alternator, from amazon for £170. I probably could get it for less from ebay but I value amazon's customer service. My mechanic fitted it on my driveway for £50. I still got old alternator so I'm going to refurb it and either sell or keep. Car works and acts as should with no errors etc etc. Thank you all for messages in this thread. Have a good night.
  4. Hi, guys, so I charged the battery and started the car. Charing reading started at just over 13v and was slowly coming down to almost 11v, especially after turning a/c, lights etc etc. So yes, alternator doesn't charge. Good thing is that all the systems that were showing errors are working as should. I've got new alternator on order. Should I replace it or just replace the brushes in my current alternator? Thank you
  5. Thank you, this is what I'm going to do today. Charger will arrive this morning so will see how long will it take to charge it. Maybe it will be charged today evening of not tomorrow morning. Im mainly worried about all vsc system and EPB and I hope these systems alerted due to no power.
  6. Hi guys, I strongly believe that my alternator packed in today, together with completely exhausting battery so I could drive car back home. Symptoms were like this: Strange plastic smell - was gone after few minutes. No smoke under bonnet or fuses, no hot cables around fuses area. Weird noise when revving engine up between 900-1500, was normal afterwards. Red steering wheel with exclamation mark came up about 30 min before I turned off the car at home. Check vsc system came up when idle. Car won't start now at all - I assume its because battery is completely dead. Check vsc system flashes and alternates with parking brake inoperable error message on dashboard. Am I totally screwed up or is it just alternator replacement and battery recharge? I know it's one of 'crystal balls' questions, but any hint would be much appreciated. Thank you for every response. Will try and charge the battery tomorrow and try to start the car. If you've got any more questions that i could answer to try and help identify the fault - ask away. I'm totally knackered - just came back from holidays, totalling 3500 miles! Thank you
  7. Ok, I managed to get it off! So, basically, pillar cover need to pulled off with quite strength. There is only one clip that need turning by 90 degrees to get it off completely, which I managed to do without breaking it. Once it's removed it's really easy to trail the cable along existing cabling. Some photos attached. Thanks! Sent from my SM-G955F using Tapatalk
  8. This sounds exactly like avensis. I can't seem to see this clip that need to be rotated 90 degrees with pliers. There are two of those along the pillar. I would really like to get this removed to trail the cable properly but will consider tucking it in behind airbag as you said. If there's anyone who successfully removed it please share your experience 😉
  9. Thing is that I don't want to push things around air bag and having the manual on how to add microphone it shows how to feed the wire a next to it to be safe. It also shows how to remove pillar cover, it's bit stiff and don't want to break clips that hold it on place. I can see there are pliers required but can't fit them in at all! Thank you for your suggestion.
  10. Hi guys, wanted to feed the cable for dash cam and need to remove a pillar to feed it safely around airbag. I've got some schematics that shown how to remove it but upon trying it it's not really going anywhere. Has anyone removed it and got any experience with this? Any clues highly appreciated. Thank you!
  11. With extended warranty you still need to service your car at Toyota dealership or qualified mechanic otherwise your warranty will be invalidated. For this reason I cancelled extended warranty for a full refund, as the total cost of service and warranty would be coming to almost £1000. Sent from my SM-T715 using Tapatalk
  12. This is the module itself and below is the link to the original thread (in Polish) Sent from my SM-T715 using Tapatalk
  13. Thanks for that, but this is way too expensive compared to how much Toyota charge for theirs upgrade ~£30. I couldn't decide in favour of this device therefore I'm not buying it - yet. Probably will get this on my next holidays in Poland! If anyone would want this device, I could possibly get that for you too. Anyways, thanks for your comments on this thread! @Konrad C - remote windows lock is muchly missed functionality. Shame it's not present in avensis and that there is no upgrade possible to enable that. Sent from my SM-T715 using Tapatalk
  14. But other car manufacturers do install this kind of feature so wouldn't think this is illegal? Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk
  15. Konrad, indeed, when you hold the lever it will flash until you release it. The comfort relay will blink set amount of times upon tapping the stalk, without holding it. It's a gadget of course, not something that I couldn't live without but I must say it's a gadget that I would like to have [emoji16] In terms why UK dealers don't know about it - no idea but why would other Toyota dealers sell it? Anyway, I'll try to find photo of that nifty device and paste it here. Sent from my SM-N9005 using Tapatalk