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  1. Got it working, found a thread on here somewhere, where someone posted what each pin on the rav4 connectors are and put this into the correct one for Ground, and it now works
  2. Where can you get USB sockets that will fit into the space below ashtray where there are blank panels. I currently have one being used which I believe is the sensor for the central locking. not sure? I have a 2004 Rav4 XT3 VVT-I 2.0 5dr I am looking for something like this; or this To fit into these blank spaces; I am wanting to have nice sockets that will hook up to my pioneer head unit. I currently just have one of them blanks removed and have the 2 x USB cables and Aux cable coming through there. Was considering cutting and making to fit current usb cables that have a socket on end, but it will be difficult. Which also leads me to ask as to where I can get these blanks from? Any website in UK? Thanks
  3. Ok so pretty sure I got all the right stuff, however where does the Parking Brake wire go?? I have quite a bit of length on it with the Pioneer unit cable. Is there somewhere I can plug it into?? I cannot get android auto to work untill I have got this sorted. There are a couple of white Toyota plugs that are not used after I got all the adapter bits etc which were plugged into the stock unit.
  4. So I think I need these things; https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/ct20ty01-toyota-matrix-optimo-paseo-picnic-previa-rav4-wiring-harness-adaptor-iso-loom.html - ISO LOOM https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/autoleads-dfp-11-08-toyota-4-runner-yaris-rav-4-double-din-fascia-adaptor.html - FASCIA THING https://www.dynamicsounds.co.uk/toyota-matrix-prado-previa-rav4-steering-wheel-stalk-control-adaptor-ctsty001-2.html - STEERING WHEEL CONTROL Only thing I am finding difficulty is how to fit the USB within those blank panels. I would love to have USB sockets there for it.
  5. So I picked up the Pioneer AVH-X8700BT - as I got a very good deal on it. Can anyone advise what other parts I will need to install it? I think I need some sort of ISO cable adapater? What about the console plate etc. I noticed my RAV4 surround has slightly rounded corners. Hopefully this will not be a problem? Or do I need to get a new surround part for the RAV4 ? (see image below) Do I need something so the controls on my steering wheel will work with it? I am also wanting to place the sockets in the blank spaces below the ashtray. Is there anything you can get that will fit these as a plate with usb socket in it? (see image below, there are 3 "blank" with 1 being used, which I have no idea what it is or its purpose as it is not a button) If you know where to get these etc, let me know thanks. I spoke to a local installer here and he can fit. Just want to see how much it would acutally cost for me to get the parts then I could try and do it myself. Thanks in advance.
  6. I know its old, but just thought I would update this. I went ahead and got a proper full on refurb done. I hounestly cannot remember how much it cost, but it was done right. Left car in for a couple days as it took some time to get them done with the whole process. Extremely pleased with results. Wheels looked like brand new. I got it done last December and they are still looking like brand new. I have not sold the car and I am not intending on selling for some time, so I am very pleased I got it done right. Not the best photo sry.
  7. Hi I currently have a 2004 Rav 4 2.0 XT3 5DR. I am wanting to replace the Toyota stereo with a touchscreen stereo that I can connect my android phone with and control it etc, and do all the usual bluetooth and have a USB section. Is replacing the stereo a fiddly enough process, just looking at some videos online and there appears to be alot of plugs going into the back of the Toyota unit. I am also unsure what I need to be getting. I have the stock speaker system. Does anyone have any recommondations of what to get? I would like to be able to still use the mode, volume and up/down buttons on my steering wheel aswell. I also noticed below my ashtray there is a panel with 4 sections that looks like it could be removed, where I could fit a nice usb socket thing there. Is there such a thing to get that I can hook into stereo? Is this all fiddly. Is it worth paying extra and get someone else to do it? Cheers
  8. I have a 2004 Rav4, with 69,000 miles on it. Its in good condition, except for the alloys. Previous owner did not really look after them, and I have tried to keep them clean but they have got worse and worse. I live in UK, and talking to others, Salt is a real killer for them. I was thinking of getting them refurbed and just had a few questions. Firstly, what is a decent going rate for 4 wheels to be totally refurb. (I am in UK) Secondly, will these refurbed alloys actually add any value to resale? Considering car is close 11 year old, if I were to sell in a year, would the cost of refurbishing alloys actually make any difference to sale price? Reason I ask, is I asked a dealer to see what they would offer based on miles and year alone, not even looking at the car. Now obviously it would be less than private sale, but he was only offering £2,300 ! Here are some pics of wheels in current state...
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