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  1. Hello all. Would anyone like to sell me thier Thule 1547 fitting kit? I’ve let down by Halfords who sold me a set online, only for them to tell me 2 days later that they couldn’t fulfill it. Many thanks Liam
  2. Cool. Thanks. I don't suppose you know where best to tap into a switched live too do you? I've mounted the dashcam on the inside of the boot lid just above where the wiper rests. I thought if I can get a live in there somewhere it will be a lot neater than messing around with the boot hinge area etc
  3. Hi. Does anyone know how to remove the boot panel? Is it just a case of carefully prising it? I want to souce power for my rear mounted dash cam. Thanks Liam
  4. Hi all, Annoyingly, the problem is still unsolved. After a few more days of the alarm randomly going off I decided enough was enough and bought a new car battery from Toyota for about £60. This seemed to solve the problems temporarily but after a few days the alarm started sounding again. If I leave the car with all the auto lights, wipers, interior light, air con off, it seems to behave itself. The alarm light on the dash seems to be affected by whether I have to lights or handbrake on. Very strange. Anyway, I have a few questions for you - here goes,
  5. Halfords currently have the 500ml bottles for £5
  6. Raistlin - Thank you! After a few weird days last week with the lights and aircon coming on randomly when I wasn't near the car and the alarm going off a few times, I finally had the motivation to go down the garden, into the shed and look for my 10mm spanner! I disconnected the negative battery terminal for a few minutes. Put it back on, and hopefully that has cured things. That was over a week ago now. I haven't noticed any strange symptoms since. Thanks again. Liam
  7. I've already tried 2 new batteries in one of the keys and both the keys have the same effect, so I'm pretty sure it's the car itself, but thanks for your advice. I'll take it for a longer drive than normal later with minimal electrics on and see if that helps.
  8. Good idea, thanks. I did leave my interior light on all night a few weeks ago and I only do short runs, so maybe it needs a good run to re charge?
  9. Thanks for the replies. By the earth strap, do you mean at the car battery? If I was to undo and clean the terminals, would anything reset? I'm guessing the radio doesn't have a code to re enter as there's no keypad?! Some strange things have happened over the last few days: Yesterday the car wouldn't lock with I arrived at work. There was lots of beeping and a yellow !key! Light on dash. Eventually had to use manual key to lock. When I went back to it on my lunch break it was locking again. Over the last week, the car seems to take a very long time to unlock. It recognises I'm there bec
  10. I was driving to work yesterday and noticed this light on the dash. Does anyone know why it's showing very faintly? It shouldn't be the battery as I've recently changed the key battery as it happend once before a few weeks ago and thought that might have caused it.
  11. That looks great! I don't suppose you have a link?? My German's not too good!
  12. I had a brief look on French Ebay for a tail light, to please my symmetrical ocd!
  13. Ok, Thanks for the help David. I might just stick with the normal bulbs then. On another note I have just discovered a brand of torch called "led lenser" and will not be buying any more cheap Ebay torches again! The build quality is fantastic
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