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  1. Had to buy from Ebay a complete kit, intending to only fit the control box. Ended up replacing everything, no big deal. The biggest problem was threading the sensor cables through the bumper using the old cables. Successfully installed all working ok.
  2. Found the control box. No inline fuse or switch. 12v taken from the light cluster. 12v to the box ok, sounder works from the plug. So I guess it's the control box. The box was attached to the body work with an adhesive pad which wasn't sticky any more so has been rattling around for some time. Will update when I have fitted a new box.
  3. Thanks for the replies. The reversing lights are ok. I will try to look for a switch.
  4. Avensis 2.0 auto 2005 vintage. I have reversing sensors fitted with a sounder fitted on the near side rear just behind the seat. Which makes me think that the sensors were an after market fitting. The sounder is also activated when reverse is engaged. So maybe this was a factory fitting. However it’s stopped working. The sounder is ok. There is no mention in the owners hand book regarding fuses for the reversing sensors. Does anyone know where and what fuse is used, and or where the control box for the sensors is situated.
  5. Just as a matter of interest the battery that I purchased was a Bosch S5005 cost £76.34 Ebay bargain_autoparts. So far absolutely no problem.
  6. Well! it seemed that some of the problem was indeed the battery not holding the charge, a new one now seems to be ok. In the mean time however the exhaust blew a hole which has now been fixed only to be advised by the garage that the join to the back box has failed. And guess what, they cannot source a back box. There's always something...
  7. Many many moons ago I used to be an electronics engineer. I could read a television circuit diagram with no problem at all, but the car wiring diagrams are a mystery to everyone else except to the draughtsmen. I have various wiring diagrams for the Avensis in a PDF format and they are a nightmare to follow. And what about putting a fuse box in the drivers foot well, you have to lie on your back to get to it.____ __
  8. Thanks Gerg, I used a multimeter.
  9. Hi all. after a lot of messing about I am not sure there is a problem! I measured the current across the open circuit dome fuse. The lights go out this then drops to 50ma but after a further 40 secs it drops to zero. The current consumption from the battery is still 330 ma even after a minute or so. I can only guess that this is due to the alarm and or radio. I cannot be bothered to investigate any more I will live with it. This only arose due to the lock down, the car is normally used every day so the problem doesn't arise. Its only because it has been idle for a week or so. Many thanks
  10. Hi, Have removed the 7.5A 'Dome' fuse and current consumption goes down to 50ma. Which suggests a courtesy light etc, I have only visually checked the lights they go on and off when supposed to. Am I missing something are there lights anywhere else such as engine bay, spare wheel bay etc. The car is a lift back, by the way.
  11. Many thanks for Gergs suggestions I have now measured the current drain after some 5 hours, it's still 330Ma. Tomorrow i will investigate first by checking visually and then by disconnecting the relevant fuses. The 4 or 5 watt does look as if its a lamp somewhere. Many thanks for your replies.
  12. Sorry I have used the wrong word; I meant by idle, the engine not running, no lights, no key in the ignition nothing on.
  13. Hi, can anyone tell me what the idle current consumption is on a 05 Avensis 2.0 auto. Mine reads 350ma. If the battery is fully charged within a week the battery is dead. I do have an aux battery to start the car and once the car has been running for a mile or two there is no problem in restarting, so I am reluctant to buy another battery. The alternator is about a year old so shouldn't be a problem. Back to my question if 350 is high then I will have to look further.
  14. Simple - It was not the shifter mech', but in fact turned out to be the swivel joint at the gearbox end. WD40 & oil worked a treat. Why this should affect the display I don't know. I think oiling or greasing this joint should be a regular service job. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AhVPGUT90DQ Not the same car but does show what to look for.
  15. After some time in getting down to locate the fault, I have now found that it is the shifter gate mechanism, I have taken the console out, cleaned etc. The problem still exists. it looks as if I will have to remove the gate mech' to see what’s going on. If anyone has a layout diagram of the box I would be very grateful. Cheers
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