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  1. GavRav4

    Tyre sizes

    Thanks pmb have updated model in profile now. So it seems they were a standard option then. Anyone running the yokohama geolandar g015 at tyres? Any thoughts on them?
  2. Hi Mary Ive heard good things about the yokohama geolandar g015 all terrain all season tyres. I am considering them for my Rav. Ive also seen general grabber all terrains have good reviews.
  3. GavRav4

    Tyre sizes

    Hi everyone, tried the search function without success so starting a new topic. Tyre sizes: my 2003 rav is currently running 235 60R16's all round. I have an mot tomorrow and know i will get advisories as they are close to the limit. When i type the reg in online to find tyres they keep coming up with 215 70R16 as they tyre fitment. My question is, was the 235 60R16 a factory option or has the fitment changed at some point during the rav's life? What size tyres is everyone else running on a 4.2? With winter approaching i have been considering yokohama geolandar g015 a/t all season tyres as last year the rav wasnt great in the snow/ice. They seem to have good reviews, is anyone using these? Thanks
  4. Thanks guys, I've heard of replacing tyres in pairs but never all four before. Probably just trying to sell a full set.
  5. I have a 2003 2.0 petrol 4wd 5 door with 79000 miles and haven't had any problems. Flew through the MOT in November, Solid car!
  6. Hi guys, 2003 Rav, had a puncture on a tyre that needed changing anyway earlier in the week and just replaced it with the spare until today (still plenty of tread left on that one). The guy in the tyre place just said if the wheel wasn't the spare I should be looking to change all 4 on the car as replacing less than this could "wind up the diff" due to it being a 4x4. Is he just trying to screw me out of a full set of tyres or is this true? I've never heard it before. Thanks in advance
  7. Hi all, I am a very happy person today. Drivers side rear light cluster was letting in water until I siliconed around the cluster to divert water along the exterior or the car. it was filling the boot with water because the gasket around the light had failed. The cluster was also filling up with water for a while and in that time metal connections in the brake light bulb holder got corroded and recently snapped. I searched all over to try and find just the bulb holder as most sellers on eBay want to sell the whole light cluster, and eventually found the right part off a Land Rover Discovery! When some sellers were looking for £20+ for Yaris bulb holders/used light clusters I got this for £8.95 2 minute swap with a new 380 bulb and it's as good as new. heres what you need if your rear light is playing up from corrosion due to water in the cluster:
  8. Hey guys, I see the horns are located behind the front bumper, is there any way to replace them without having to remove the front bumper or is that the only way? I just can't face the high pitched "meep" I get out of it any more! I think the low tone one is broken. I just get no respect honking at idiots to identify their bad driving habits with the existing horn. Gotta be fixed!
  9. Hi, I don't know if your model is the same as mine. It may be different, but mine is a 4.2 (2003) vx model, it has a cassette player! And a hidden cd changer under the passenger seat. What I did to get my iPhone music onto the existing system was to buy a Bluetooth cassette adapter. It works brilliantly! And I didn't have to rip the dash to bits to install an aftermarket unit as I don't think there is an aux input on the 4.2. The cassette adapter cost me about £30.
  10. GavRav4

    Advice/ help

    Wouldn't you know about hg fail by removing the oil cap and seeing "mayo" around the top of the hole?
  11. Found the handle and the tyre socket bar in the other cubby hole in the boot on the right hand side. Have yet needed to use them but at least I know where they are now lol
  12. Anyone know the recommended width for the cross bars for a 4.2? I'm seeing "universal" ones in various widths but don't want a massive overhang.
  13. I did that about a year ago when I first noticed the issue but I don't think it's the source of the leak as it's still going on, I'm wondering if it could be the sunroof drainage channels, does anyone know where they come out?
  14. Hi guys, anyone else's mk1 Yaris (my wife's is a 2003 model) have a problem with a leaky boot? Had to use the spare today to find the spare wheel was practically swimming in that well. Luckily there was a plug in the bottom of the well so was able to drain it but surely it's not meant to flood like that. There was about an inch of water in it!
  15. Next question, how do you release it? It looks pretty well stuck in there tucked under the frame
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