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  1. Had my 2016 non hybrid Auris re-gassed last week at Toyota Steven Eagell Watford for £69.99.
  2. I had to change brake light bulbs a couple of times. Steven Eagell, Toyota dealers charged me cost of bulb only. Much better this way rather than break anything even if one has to drive a fair bit. Take care.
  3. Just to update. Got 4 Falken ZE310 295/55 R16 from Halfords for a very reasonable price. They gave a 10% discount for buying 4 tyres. Their mobile van came and fitted them with wheel balancing. Very professional job (no connection with Halfords and not a recommendation). Thanks Frostyballs.
  4. Thank you Frostyballs. Very informative article. Just wondering if the run of the mill Tyre shop would have the required grommets, collars etc specific to the Toyota installed TPMSs. Or are these standard interchangeable items. Also if these can get damaged while taking off the old tyres or balancing the new ones. Sorry a bit long winded. Thanks and regards.
  5. Would appreciate if someone can advise what precautions regarding TPMSs should be taken while getting tyres replaced with new ones. I have Toyota Auris Icon 2016 manual. Thinking of either Falken or Goodyear efficient grip 205/55/R16 V91. Any advice on the tyres would be highly appreciated. Thanks
  6. I had this squeeky clutch problem on my 2013 Auris valvematic 1.6 manual after driving in city traffic. The supplying Toyota dealer applied some grease but it did not cure it. In the end they replaced master cylinder under warranty some eight months ago. So far so good.
  7. Hi countrylad. It came with whatever was needed. Fitted neatly into the wheel well (they fitted it FOC). Hope it helps.
  8. came with a bag for tools etc, but the neatly fitted it inti the well, no issues. Give them a ring.
  9. I have 62 plate 2013 1.6 valvematic manual Auris and early this year and bought spare wheel for about £100 from Steven Eagell Toyota at Watford. They were kind enough to fit it in the wheel well for me FOC.
  10. Clutch on my 2013 1.6 valvematic Auris (mileage 30,000) was creaking I suppose after it got hot, noticed after driving in rush hour traffic. It was a dealer approved car. They greased it couple of times, but it still creaked. So they changed master cylinder. It is ok now. Thought it may help. Best of luck.
  11. I'm looking at the invoice (Mrch 2016) which has following details: N/Stk carrier, spare T51931-05030 £2.50 (1 item) N/Stk protector, spa T64778-02040 £14.08 (4 items) N/Stk Bag, tool T09120-02130 £4.31 (1 item) N/Stk wheel assembly T42600-05811 £67.13 (1 item) They fitted it for me in the boot free of charge, so I don't know what is what. Best of luck.
  12. Got spare wheel + kit from Toyota dealer for my 2013 Auris 1.6 valvematic for just over £100. Well worth the peace of mind.
  13. You have to take each fuse out one by one and examine it if it's gone.
  14. Did the same to my son in law's Honda Stream. Luckily only few fuses were blown. Check each and every fuse. Hope it's only fuse(s). But get your battery checked first.
  15. Sorry, that price was for Auris 2013, it came with a jack.
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