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  1. Possibly true although the general 3yr warranty expires next month, I can supply a local family owned garage with the correct oil & filter as an alternative. Why am I doing this? when I find the Toyota dealer blatantly lied and I go to the trouble of performing a viscosity test on the oil to prove they lied, then report it to Toyota and get a negative response I have no faith in any of them. That's two of my nearest Toyota dealerships incapable of carrying out work properly, one even overfilled the oil of my Gen 2 by 1 Ltr so it was right up the dipstick.
  2. So I won't get a pop up warning then, looking at the bad revues of some of the Toyota dealers you have to wonder how they get away with it
  3. After getting terrible servicing from local Toyota dealers I'm going to change the oil myself so I know it's 0W-20 and not the thicker stuff they put in and then deny it. I know the Maintenance required ' warning will pop up unless i turn it off, all the videos showing how to do this are on US vehicles and I could not find the same setting on my 2016 car. Under the maintenance setting there is only TPMS and not anything else
  4. I think the 0W-20 is more expensive which may account for them not using it. The difference it makes to the mpg is quite noticeable as well. My changing the oil and performing a viscosity test to prove I had the wrong oil has been refuted by Listers of Stratford along with an invitation to see a demonstration of the viscosity test in my garage.
  5. They knew exactly what oil I wanted after the first year service fiasco, where they told me it was impossible to put the wrong oil in and claimed to have a foolproof system where the hose of the 0W-20 oil drum can only reach the ramp where hybrid vehicles are serviced. It's more than obvious that they would not leave one of the other ramps empty and the tech standing there if only hybrids were in the queue for servicing. i think my big mistake was taking on a 3 year service contract where I don't get to see a receipt showing what fluids were used
  6. I've jut done a simple viscosity test and the results are surprising, using the plastic cap of a large aerosol I drilled a hole in the centre. put my finger over the hole & poured in 0W-20 to the top. let it start running and press my kitchen timer. The result to empty the cup was 1 minute 47 seconds. I cleaned the cup & poured in the oil I had removed from my recently serviced car. After 3 minutes the cup was only half empty so I didn't stand waiting as it had 100% proved my point. So now I have evidence of their lying because they have denied putting in the wrong oil. Perhaps i should invite the manager to come and view a demonstration.
  7. Even though the top mark in the handbook is marked as excessive?? and the vehicle is not factory filled to the top mark?? if the oil was 1/2 way down the dipstick would you panic and think the engine will seize up because the dipstick seemingly shows there is not enough oil in the car? it's not as though the dipstick goes to the bottom of the sump is it but merely extends around 30mm into the oil bath. I've been Googling this and there are large numbers of 'fill er right up' and saying overfilling will not cause any problems etc but there are a few from techies who clearly know what they are talking about. It's made clear that that the two marks on dipsticks are extreme markers, do not go under the lower and do not go above the upper. I have to ask. you have a Gen4 Prius same as me, are you saying that it uses oil so you have to top it up after a journey? I didn't notice any drop on the level of mine even after it's first 5000 miles as it went for it's first service so I'm guessing yours maybe is business use and you do a very high mileage?
  8. 7mm is nowhere near the low mark, it's not even halfway between 2&3, I still work in imperial 😀 and it came to me direct from the factory 1/4" below the top mark so maybe 6mm is closer Filling to the top mark is clearly wrong! If you look in the cars handbook page 127 it shows a diagram of the dipstick numbered 1,2 & 3 (1) is marked as low, (3) which is the top spot on the dipstick is marked as excessive. From that you can presume that the correct level is somewhere between 2 & 3, certainly not on the excessive mark and definitely not 5mm above it as was done to my car and many others from what i have read here, so how can a precise amount result in that? clearly something is wrong at the dealers and the engine is not warmed up so they drain cold oil and don't wait for it to finish trickling out ,
  9. Finally got around to changing the oil, the dipstick pump was a failure, clearly the Prius has a very narrow tube, I got a 6mm tube from B& Q, went out to the carpark to make sure it fitted part the way in and it appeared to be o.k. Got home and tried it again and halfway down it went very tight , I was aware of what would happen if it got stuck and decided to take it back and get a 5mm tube but non in stock. I decided yesterday to raise the car and drain it from below, I saw a Youtube video of a Gen 4 having it's oil changed from off small ramps, without me having ramps anymore I hit on the idea to cut an old 30mm plank into suitable pieces, jack up the wheel, push the board under, lower the jack, put another board under the jack and raise the wheel to get a second board under the wheel. Doing this repeatably on both wheels I got 4 pieces under each and it was completely safe, nothing could collapse. Underneath it's easy to reach the 3 X10mm bolts holding the little plastic cover, then the 14mm drain plug is clearly visible, I ran the engine to warm back up, switched off and drained it into a container. I left the filter as I wanted to tip the oil out but it is more awkward to reach and needs a special tool . Refilled to the original factory spec of around 7-8mm below the top mark on the dipstick and set off to test it. ( I did check the level the day I collected the car) We've been out on one of our regular local trips today and it seems to be vastly improved like it was the first year we had the car. Clearly my car was not filled with 0W-20 by Listers and combined with 5mm of overfill cannot be trusted to do a simple oil change, just shoddy careless work. I'm going to cancel the service contract so not only will they lose my custom for servicing but also my next vehicle will not come from them either.
  10. Always on Eco, the Auto button starts the fans on full blast so we prefer to do our own settings, does your car do anything similar to what I've written above re the mpg counting down when not actually moving?
  11. Tyres are as normal, heating is as we always have it at 17.5, not sure about the parking brake but I would think that would overheat the pads if it was not running clear. I think you may be right about the factory fill being different to what is used in UK. Another thing I noticed was after the 1st service was the car took longer to warm up till the engine cut off, seems worse now even allowing for cold weather. When sitting in traffic and the engine is off it will come on either to charge a low battery or keep the engine temperature up, it seems to be going full pelt when it does that and I've actually noticed the mpg of the current trip start counting down while I'm sitting there, is that normal ? After shopping last week we went back to the car and pulled out just 100 mtrs to a queue at traffic lights, the current trip mpg read as 14 and started counting down and got to 7 before the engine cut off. i don't recall anything like that happening the 1st year, I'm wondering if the fuel/air ratio is out of sync or the cold start enrichment is not set right.
  12. I've taken great interest in the mpg on my Prius which is fitted with 15" wheels, for me that was the whole point of buying it. We do more or less the same local trips each week so I know more or less what each trip mpg will be allowing for the weather. Once a month I go to a coin fair at the Motor Museum near the NEC, Its 25 miles from where I live and there is a long stretch of the M42 that is level and slight sloping down. The first year of owning the car I got 75- 82mpg going and around 70 coming back. After the 1st service I struggled to get 70 going. Its 2nd service was late November, last Sunday I went as usual and it just turned to 60mpg as I pulled in to park so something definitely not right there.
  13. The Silverline pump arrived yesterday, I went out this morning to find that neither of the tubes will fit down the dipstick hole , that means I have to find an even smaller tube which will take even longer to suck out the oil. I might end up just going to a local small garage and get then to do it
  14. The Silverline one has reasonable reviews but the insertion tube has nothing to keep it stiff, nevertheless I'm considering one of these as the Pela ones are £100+, one reviewer got a thin aluminium tube from B&Q and fitted the flexible pipe to that which seemingly worked a treat