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  1. Peter S

    Yaris Hybrid owners, what MPG are you achieving?

    Definitely, no gearbox or gear linkage issues, no clutches to go wrong and they are gentler on the brakes too due to the regen. Take a look at some of the YouTube vids about the drive train and you'll see how simple it is.
  2. Peter S

    Yaris Hybrid owners, what MPG are you achieving?

    Our previous Yaris Sport averaged 50 mpg over the 3 years we had it, and the new Icon Tech is doing the same.
  3. Peter S

    Road Sign Assist system

    Hi Jon, tried your fix but it didn't work, will give to another try in a different order but if all else fails it's off to Toyota.
  4. Peter S

    Road Sign Assist system

    My Icon Tech RSA system has thrown a wobbler, It detects speed signs OK but tells me I'm over the speed limit well before I've reached the speed. I've set the over speed limit to 5 mph and at 30 it signals me at 20, the only one that works is the national speed limit sins which don't seem to have a worming associated with them. Is there a reset or fix without going to Toyota. I've tried the usual, resetting the speed warning etc with no luck.
  5. Peter S

    CVT life

    Don't think of the Toyota/Lexus Hybrids as having a gearbox in the conventional sense. The "gears" are there only to connect the ICE and electric motors to the wheels, there are no different gear ratios etc, there's not even a reverse (the traction electric motors direction is reversed to go backwards. Very early versions did have a chain to connect the motors to the diff but they are now all gear driven. This makes them virtually bomb proof.
  6. Peter S

    Parking sensor button "stuck"

    Just tried it on our Icon Tech 2018 and with the button pressed once (no foot on brake) the PS button popped right back out. Then tried it with start pressed twice (no foot on brake) and still the PS button popped out immediately. May just be a sticky button, if it persists I'd pay a visit to the dealer or just give it some abuse. 😃
  7. Just got our second one, it was a deal not to be missed. Took my 3 year old in and drove out with a new one at no extra cost.
  8. Peter S

    Screw in Brake Piston advice

    I got one of these from e-bay. made life much easier. £17 inc.
  9. Peter S

    Yaris Hybrid EV button

    I use it for creeping up on people in car parks. Seriously it's only good for under 25 mph and very light acceleration like in car parks etc. As others have said , it will stop the engine running to keep it warm when stationary.
  10. Peter S

    2014 Yaris Hybrid smart start / entry question

    I think none of them had keyless entry and only the hybrids have keyless start.
  11. We took out the 5 year service plan at £20 a month, this included annual services an two MOTs.
  12. Peter S


    Be careful which one you buy. I got a cheap one and the CAN connections were missing. I finally ended up with the iCarsoft Bluetooth i620 which has the connections.
  13. Peter S

    Yaris Plugin?

    Very pleased with it so now I'm going to get a cheap android phone to use with it all the time.
  14. Peter S

    Yaris Plugin?

    So the iCarsoft dongle came today on viola the software works OK so don't get a TORQUE ELM 327 PRO as it wont work as the CAN Bus is not connected.
  15. Peter S

    Yaris Plugin?

    Just had a good look at the OBD dongle and there are several pins not connected, notably 6 and 14 which are the CAN bus connections so no wonder it doesn't work. Ive been on the web site and have now ordered one of these, icarSoft i620 ODB 2 Diagnostic Device Canbus Bluetooth which was tested as OK by the people at Hybrid Assistant. I'll let you know if it works OK.