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  1. arnold65


    Hi, I've sourced a cheaper supplier of a replacement gear-knob for my 2009 Auris, which has the dreaded 'alloy ring coming off' problem - does anyone know how the gear-knob comes off - is it just an un-screw job, or are there some bolts underneath the cap? Cheers!
  2. Hi, Apart from a Toyota dealer direct, are there any cheaper sources of alloy wheels for a 2009 Auris? I need just 1 to replace the horrid spacesaver wheel! Cheers.
  3. Yes you are right, I had presumed Toyota just leveraged the hybrid epicyclic gearing in the Avensis, but the system in the Avensis appears to be one by Aisin, with belts, so I'm guessing the fail point in the Avensis-type CVT is going to be those belts at some point?
  4. I'd be very surprised if the Multidrive transmission is problematic even beyond 200k+ – taxi drivers have been running the Prius and Auris hybrids to 400k, and speaking to several taxi drivers near me with them, have had no problems at all with the transmission - and my understanding is that the CVT in the Avensis is essentially the same as the hybrid one?
  5. My current Auris 2009 valvematic has done 120k no problems, so at least that.
  6. Hi, I'm looking at post facelift 2013 Avensis 2012 1.8 Multidrive S, and wondering if the Multidrive S auto boxes are reliable long-term? Cheers!
  7. Had the 1.6vvti SR for a few months - actually the handling is quite nice, although a bit too 'sporty' over bad roads, so will depend what you're driving it on. OK for shorter run stuff up to 60mph, but after that it's under-geared compared to the 1.6 Valvematic 6-speed - motorway driving gets a bit tiring with the engine running at nearly 4K :-(
  8. does anyone know if the 1.6 Valvematic has a flywheel, either single or dual? Cheers
  9. Hi, My Auris 2009 1.6 Valvematic will need a new clutch soon - done 90K on the original so not too shabby - can anyone recommend a good non-Toyota supplier of clutch kits, I'll then get my trusty mechanic to fit it...?
  10. Thanks Alan333 - what mode do you drive it in, just CVT, or in the stepped mode? Wondering if the stepped mode (esp the paddles) give it a bit more control than a normal 'slush-matic' torque-converter.... cheers
  11. Thanks - I think there's a link if I can find it on some chaps modification to the EPB, as otherwise even after replacement it's prone to going again .....
  12. Hi, first post! Anyone any long-term driving experience of the 1.8i Valvematic Multidrive, any faults up at higher mileages? Seem to be quite reasonable s/h now, only faults seem to be the dreaded hand-brake problem!