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  1. avenet

    black smoke

    Thanks a lot mate. Sadly Terraclean doesn't have a dealer in Greece but I will try to look for something similar. It seems about right though that the problem is somewhere in the DPF because an injector fault or an EGR fault would have been probably picked up when the Toyota Tester diagnostic tool was applied.
  2. avenet

    black smoke

    Hi guys, I am facing an issue with my 2.0 D4D Auris. I have done 312000km so far and in the last year I keep getting some smoke from the exhausts with black (ash type) residue on the tailpipes. I visited the dealer that I am always taking the car to and told me than one of the diesel injectors had failed so we replaced it with a new one. The problem has since then been reduced but it still exists. They checked the diesel injectors again and told me they are fine. They say that I shouldn't worry but since 2008 that I bought the car, I never had anything like this and I simply don't like it.. Any ideas?
  3. Update on the facelift parts upgrade..
  4. RS seats re-upholstered (alcantara) and heated and fitted to Auris. Currently the plan is to install all the face lift parts. That means: 1) steering wheel 2) Instrument cluster 3) hood, front bumper and headlights 4) side mirrors 5) rear bumper with dual exhaust skirt and taillights 6) center console with armrest and handbrake lever All advise and tips if someone has already done any of the above is welcome!
  5. Hi Benny, I have to say that you've done some excellent work there! I own a pre facelift Auris myself and I really would like to install the facelift rear combination lamps. Reading on the subject I was under the impression that in order to get them in you need to install the facelift rear bumper as well. Can you provide some info on if they fit in easily or not? Thanks
  6. Hi Tom, I was wondering if you actually completed this cause I am interested in replacing my electric mirrors (auris 2008) with electrically folding ones from the facelift model. The connectors are different so any advise is very welcome. cheers
  7. Hi! Greetings from Greece! Some pics of my Auris 2011 1.4 D4-D + Racechip Pro 2. Just had refurbished my 17" Pitlane alloys
  8. avenet

    Auris 1.4 D-4D TTE

    Auris 2011 1.4 D-4D / 17" Pitlane Alloys / TTE Roof Spoiler / Tuning Box RaceChip Pro 2
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