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  1. thanks for the info, i have a new engine on route for it. once i have put the new engine in and its going i will strip the old one down and see what the crack is with it. I have a suspision its melted or damaged a valve. No compression on cylinder 3. I have taken out the cat. Anyone know where i can get it mapped or how i can get the engine management light off? i have tried a lambda spacer off of ebay and that didnt work, has anyone else had success with any other methods?
  2. Howdy, Basically my Compressors engine has decided to give up the ghost and I'm needing a new one. Is it the same engine used in the basic T-sport models? or is it different engine with lower compression for the supercharger etc.? could someone tell me the engine codes on both T-sport and the compressor? Cheers, Rab.
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