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  1. Just wanted to confirm that I've fitted this part to my own 3dr RAV - had it on for a week now, used it a couple of times and it works a treat - in time for winter too, that notoriously sunny time of the year. Thanks Ian, this was a great save, even my local Toyota dealer said he'd taken a note of the number for other customers - top work, appreciated!
  2. If this is true then it sounds like the holy grail of RAV parts solved if it comes in at anything under £100! Don't know if you can post a picture for everyone to compare it but does the replacement look like this (same fitting etc.) - I've got a 3dr RAV4, think it's the MK2 facelift 2005 (with the round driving lamps in the bumper). If this is the same visor but without a light then I'm definitely phoning my local Toyota dealer to find out if they can order the part!
  3. Wait until the summer finishes and the rotten weather bites again, the RAVs will be out in force as the daily drivers and then it should be busier. Unfortunately for the RAV it's generally just routine servicing it needs to keep going. On the list of outstanding 'wants' for my winter hack it's a replacement drivers sun visor - hardly the stuff of forum legend (although that's now 5mths searching scrappers, eBay, Gumtree - if it passes its MOT in September I guess I'm forking out for a £££s new part.) It's just too reliable - maybe if there was a scene for upgrading then there might be more traffic but I don't think lift kits, swapping interiors, in-car satnav etc. really appeals the 'typical' RAV owner? Either that or you guys are just too good at providing first time fixes for people when they ask questions.
  4. I bought a higher mileage 2005 RAV (around 109k) - went for it as it had a full Toyota service history and was a 3dr facelift model which seemed to be more difficult to find. However, my local mechanic gave it a service and commented that the RAV engines are (if properly serviced) strong and should be good for an easy 200k+ - it's all the other wear and tear bits attached to it that will probably cause bigger bills. Every car is a gamble anyway! 132k? Could say that's about average mileage for a 2005 model but if you're already questioning whether it's high mileage then maybe you've already decided that you're not 100% sure? If so, why not wait it out for another one to appear unless it's a keen price or a specific spec that you want?
  5. I've used them on several occasions - the online service (variety of tyres held in stock, good range of sizes, reasonable competitive prices, easy to buy etc.) has been excellent but the problem isn't them but the fitter you choose - have had one garage take 2hrs to fit four tyres, then another take 30mins - all went OK but you're at their mercy and I doubt BlackCircles have any influence over a garage representing the final bit of the overall service.
  6. The cold start doesn't seem to be too common a problem, if it gets worse I'll maybe ask my trusted mechanic to investigate any sensors, might be something needing a clean. All adds to the 'character and charm' of the wee thing. Parts number noted Redlew (appreciated), and a good tip (Cyker) to check if any other cars share the same part and maybe widen my search - thanks for the advice. eBay regularly checked and I've phoned loads of different part places as well as those big 247spares and 1st Choice Spares who apparently do a lot of the searching with their partner breakers yards - always the earlier model in, never the 4.2 facelift. It just seems incredible such a small item costs anywhere near £170/£180 for Toyota to cover their expenses - considering for another £50 I can buy a whole front nudge bar (a lot more material and effort to make that?) then I'd argue Toyota is just taking the pee on this one. If the OEM part was say £100 then yeah, I'd maybe bite but at nearer £200 that's hard to justify (heck, there's the annual insurance done!)
  7. bobbyvimto

    tyre jell

    +1 for the AutoGlym dressing but if in a hurry a can of CarPlan instant tyre shine foam is fine. It doesn't last as long but you spray it on and walk away - it's does it's thing then safely dissolves away leaving a decent finish.
  8. I'm feeling the same pain on this one - I've owned much older Honda's and Nissan's (10yrs+) and never had a sun visor issue before - the salt in the wound is the expensive OEM part price charged by Toyota - seriously, a daft bit of plastic with an attachment rod/fixing - £170. Exactly what is the visor made of to charge so much - there should be an official repair kit or at least Toyota should look again at pricing as there does seem to be a high failure rate with this part. My search for a non-broken bit of plastic tat continues but in the meantime I had a black filter strip professionally fitted to the top of the windscreen and it's doing a really decent job. Maybe worth trying this and simply removing the broken visor for now?
  9. Is it normal for some first gear 'jerkiness' when moving off from a cold start - it's petrol 3door RAV, 2005. If I feather the throttle and keep it constant then there's no problem but if I accelerate then lift off it does bounce a little until it has been driven another 30seconds or so then all is well (so I'm hoping it's just a characteristic of a cold engine.) BV PS. Following my previous thread, finding a replacement drivers side sun visor from a breakers yard is roughly into a third month, more than 20 breakers yards contacted the length and breadth of the country and still not one available - at this rate coughing up the (total rip off) price for a new Toyota part is looking like the only solution - the damn things are rarer than unicorn poo! Is it even worth my looking for a used nudge bar at this rate...
  10. Just a quick update - 5th gear replaced with all new parts. Only had the car back a few days so not much mileage / time out to test but so far, so good - absolutely no vibration from the gearstick which also means no related buzzing noise from centre console; the original positive gear selection has been retained and, perhaps just in my head, but reverse seems a little better. It turns out the rumour of a new clutch pre-purchase was actually true - bonus! Hoping this means the problem is 100% resolved so a big thanks to Grumpy and Atkiman who nailed it right away. Now onto the minor stuff such as slight headlamp fogging, a back seat rattle, whether to bother with a couple of door dings and locating the source of a faint smell of wet dog / stale smoke. ...all of which I hope can fixed with shampoo, elbow grease and finding the right screw to tighten up.
  11. GP - we'll find out sometime next week, have booked it in after confirming original Toyota parts will be used and what they are replacing (using the handy guides and part numbers, cheers). They seem to know the parts to replace inc. the essential needle bearing (their parts quote not far off your ebay price but useful to know re: Kingo's help). Just glad it recently had a new clutch, brakes and major service done - that would have been £££'s on top of everything else. Anyway, it's in the lap of the gods now; needs fixed as can't travel on the motorways in 4th - what a racket - so biting the bullet and hoping it's a first time fix. ...that'll teach me not to have bought the MR2 I looked at before the RAV - just don't tell me that has big bills too! My '94 Carina was hewn out of granite - when did Toyota give up on making unbreakables that only need fuel and tyres?
  12. GP - thanks again for your continued help (and patience), much appreciated. I'm printing out the guide / photos as we speak and might pop round to one of the specialists and show them it. I know, I know, how dare a mere punter tell them how to do their job (!) but if it saves me some money in labour charges and they do a first time fix and replace everything (i.e. the needle bearing - thanks atkiman) then it's a win win. It'll still be expensive but at least it'll be fixed and I can get back to just enjoying it again. Still amazed not one of three gearbox specialists didn't know about this access point - unless they all just want to justify £300+ in labour charges...
  13. Thanks for that information Tony - I've now been to 3 different gearbox 'specialists' now for a quote and every one of them needs to drop the box apparently. It's a bit worrying who to pick if none of them seem to know about accessing it from the nearside front wheel ... so does that mean they don't know about the needle bearing too? (or they do know and just want to justify the labour charges. How very cynical of me to suggest such a thing! I get what you mean about these cars - it was supposed to be a cheap bit of fun for a year, tops, then try something sporty like an MR2 and now I'm wanting to fix everything! Unfortunately I have no mechanical skills so I'm at the mercy of 'experts' to sort things out. I've a trusted garage but they don't do specialist gearbox work ... and the 'specialists' they use themselves haven't exactly filled me with confidence. Pity none of them have an internet link so I could point them to this website! Oh and Toyota can't even be bothered returning a call for a quote ... I assume because their invoice will be the same as the price of a new car, haha.
  14. Have eventually got round to getting the gear issue checked - although there's a louder buzzing noise from 5th gear when cold, there's a definite vibration from 5th gear at all times and two gearbox independents confirmed the 5th gear should be replaced asap. Not sure why the vibration noise is worse when cold (if I push the lever to the side with my hand it 'cures' it) but (sadly) Grumpy stumpy called it right initially so appreciate the advice. Seems an expensive fix (£600-£700) so I'm in two minds whether to keep the car or get rid and chalk the £££'s I'll lose down to experience - problem is it's kinda grown on me ...and what's a 10yr old car really going to be worth selling it with a dodgy gearbox - decisions, decisions. Hate cars / love cars / hate cars etc...
  15. Glad to hear of an inexpensive fix. Recently had the same issue - got a new key cut at a local branch of Timpsons - £20 but guaranteed - a simple transfer of the electronic innards and all working fine. I ordered one of those eBay spare casings just in case the other original Toyota fob cracks as although Timpsons won't cut a key using a 3rd party 'blank' (they can't guarantee the part quality) there's always an 'indy' who will probably do it.