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  1. Thank you. I'll try to access it at the weekend when I have more time. Maybe something has come loose as it was intermittant at first. Many Thanks.
  2. Hi the handbook says the fuse is for wipers as well and they are working so I guess its not that. The rear window is fine and I can hear the pump. I cannot hear the front pump - the dash lights do not dim. I assume the pymp is goosed or a connection issue. Can anyone tell me where the pump is and how to access it? Thank you.
  3. Can someone give me guidance on how to check the wiring and pump please? I took the plastic cowl off in that corner but it gave me access to nothing? Would it be a fuse with it being intermittant before going altogether? Thanks
  4. Hi guys my windscreen washers stopped working. It happened a couple of times and then was ok, but now its gone altogether. The pipe leading to the bonnet is empty and I cannot hear the pump - although I am alone so its hard to pull the stalk and get under the bonnet at same time to be sure. Anything I could try? My dealer is closed due to covid! Please keep instructions simple, I'm a gal lol! 😂 Thanks un advance Dawn
  5. On the miles I've done it would normally be at about three quarters now.
  6. Hi guys, I picked my Toyota Avensis up last Friday from its service, mot and front airbag recall. All seemed well, and I took it and brimmed the tank as I was running low on fuel. The gauge flew up to full as it should, but I have been using the car all week and it hasn't moved even 1mm from slightly over full reading. I think I am in trouble! Anyone got any ideas? When I kill the ignition it drops, so its not stuck, and the range on the trip comp is dropping as it should, so there is a signal somewhere. I have a horrid feeling it will mean a new pump module as everything always seems to be one piece these days, and that will be an large expense I can't sort due to being laid off from next Friday. 😞 Hoping there is something daft I have overlooked I can try....its 57 reg 2 litre petrol, but only got 43k on it, so not had a hard life. Any help much appreciated. Thanks Dawn
  7. I seem to be struggling finding many autos, and I only have an auto license. The two that have popped up so far are a pop up headlight type which I am assuming it what you had, and the model after it with the four round headlights. The earlier one is up at £1600 is that about right? It does look it very nice condition.
  8. Hi I bought my first Toyota last Christmas (a 57 Avensis with 29k on it) and I'm smitten! It's the best car I've ever owned. However, I've always had a couple of classics, and they're usually Vauxhalls. I'm so sick of them being broken down all the time, though, despite my best efforts and empty purse, so just lately I've been thinking of getting a more "practical" classic. As I'm smitten with my daily and its reliability and quality, I was thinking of getting a Celica in one form or another as my second car. Can I ask some advice on which are the best models to look at, and what sort of prices genuine decent ones go for. The car will need to be old enough to qualify for classic insurance, and also must be automatic. Any advice and known niggles to watch out for would be great! Thanks Dawn :)
  9. Hi Gordon It's my understanding that regardless of mileage the car should have been serviced once a year. Mine has eight stamps in the book. If it has been serviced by a Toyota dealer, they will have the records for you even if you have no book. The dealer I bought mine from has registered me on something called "My Toyota" where you can actually log in and pull up ALL the car's records, not just the services provided its main dealer repairs. You'll need a code off the log book for that, but you can register on their yourself. So far, I am seriously impressed with my car. :) Hope that helps
  10. Picked this up yesterday and the dealer was awesome. Very pleased with how I was treated and with the work done before I collected that I hadn't even pointed out.
  11. Hi Everyone My name's Dawn, and I'll be collecting my first ever Toyota this Saturday! (2007 Avensis T Spirit) I fell in love with the car the moment I saw it and can't wait to collect it. :) I hope to enjoy chatting with you all and getting to know people. Dawn
  12. I won't be towing. I don't know why that avatar has come up. We haven't owned that in ages! Fuel economy isn't really a worry for where I travel now. I'll definitely keep the servicing up, though! Thank you for all your replies. 😃
  13. Thank you for replying! Fuel economy will probably seem okay to me as my old car is Pajero. My biggest want is reliability. This one comes with a year warranty so that's something. I've fallen in love with it, but wanted to check what real owners have to say. I look forward to posting and chatting more!
  14. Hi guys I'm about to buy a 2007 Avensis T Spirit 2.0 petrol with the auto box. It's from a main dealer and has had one lady owner, 29,000 genuine miles, FDSH. It looks and appears to drive mint. Is there anything I need to know about this model, good or bad, or anything to look out for as it's my first ever Toyota! Cheers :)