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  1. In D4D: You Have to remove the coolant reservoir and air filter housing Then you Have 2 screws Enviado desde mi SM-G355M mediante Tapatalk
  2. Hi. warm starting problem in 1cd-ftv and 1KD is due to a failling injector seats. They go bad and let the exhaust gases escape to the blow by decrasing compression also you have to change inyector orings news
  3. Have you tried prime your fuel filter before ignition? If it go beber, maybe you Have an air leak in the fuel line It also could be a bad injector seats (very common problem and very cheap to fix) this is how i repair my avensis Enviado desde mi SM-G355M mediante Tapatalk
  4. You Have to remove the motor and check the gears. Probably they are broken Enviado desde mi SM-G355M mediante Tapatalk
  5. Excellent video!! Enviado desde mi SM-G355M mediante Tapatalk
  6. Hi Have you tried to pump the fuel filter? Just pump it till its become Hard before ignition Y Have the same problem on my avensis and it is just air in the system Enviado desde mi SM-G355M mediante Tapatalk
  7. First test if your fan temperature sensor is ok. Mine was cover in mud and doesnt turn on the cooling fan when it should and the radiator cap drop coolant
  8. I had the same problem. Clean the 3 vsv valves.
  9. Same problem in a avensis 2002 d4d About hesitation I have solved cleaning vsv neumatic valves ( turbo pressure sensor ) with wd40 About warm starting problem it seems To be a fuel pressure problem or an starter problem (there are a bulletin service About that) I couldn't solve this yet
  10. I also bought the vci teachtream cable but the car (avensis t22 d4d) doesn't appear on the program list so I can't read engine error codes
  11. I have the same engine on avensis t22 and I had the same problem when I bought it. I really don't know how I fix it, I Just clean and TEST every vsv/vsv with wd40 and the problem disappear. In service manual you can find How To test vsv/vsv/turbo pressure sensor/etc also I have hesitation problem a few month after, and was a clogged intercooler. Ps: my sensor doesn't buzz
  12. How do you test the termostat? Just replace it, it's very cheap
  13. I have the same engine on an t22 avensis My turbo sprayed some oil To the intercooler. I don't know If was due To the block vent (pcv) clogged (already cleaned) or the turbo seals are bad...