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  1. Agree with Heidfirst and others. If predominantly short runs only, do not buy a diesel. Interesting about the DPF. I have often wondered what the (true) implications are concerning DPF removal. Worth considering perhaps given the cost of the alternative and the likelihood of being pulled up for it. I do use decent fuel though, and add Forte diesil treatment on the basis that prvention is better than cure.
  2. Yes thanks....saw the link to website..Thinking of buying the Haynes manual. I assume much will surely be similar - engine excepted......
  3. Chaps Looking for a basic maintenace schedule for 2008 T180 - or any diesel RAV4 of similar age I guess. Also, some sort of workshop/Haynes manual for similar would be most useful. Ref this forum, the tips section is very good, but clearly limited and the owners manual tab seems to revert to a CRV.... Clues appreciated.
  4. Aha....Certainly the existing wheel nuts are flat faced and go through the hole. Are we saying that I definitely require nuts with the conical profile for the spacesaver or will the existing ones suffice for emergency use? It does seem odd that the profile is different, considering the genuine RAV4 spacesaver appears to have the same lip, and thus, ideally perhaps, requires different nuts than existing to ensure correct fitment.
  5. Thanks again mate.....spacesaver from a 2010 vehicle. Hopefully it will fit under the flat floor of the boot.
  6. Found a Lexus spacesaver which may suit...However this and RAV4 spacesavers have a raised lip - for want of better words - around the holes for the studs. The full size wheels have a flat face to accomodate the flat face of the nuts. Is this an issue?
  7. Heid Many thanks for all that, very much appreciated. Yes, space saver considered, Saw one on fleabay, since sold. Again a bit thin on the ground, and a tad pricey IIRC.
  8. Chaps Having now fitted decent tyres instead of the horrible run flats on the T180, I now require a spare - rim at least. Not a big fan of cans of gloop. Existing is I believe has PCD 5 x 114.3, 7.5J x 18, offset of 45??? , but they are thin on the ground. Therefore has anyone any idea what 18 inch alternatives would suffice please? Seems to be a few different makes and models - ie Lexus - which would meet the criteria apart from the offset....50 on a few of these. Would this exclude consideration? Thoughts appreciated.
  9. "Thanks guys. How do you know if it's a decent indy garage? Am in Suffolk. Was told non Toyota places can't access ECU? Will print out advice re dpf injector and shop around. Disguised as a bloke." Decent garage comes about by word of mouth usually, but for sure it does help if you have some knowledge and thus can detect BS when you smell it. For sure there are some half decent dealers, but in general, I have found their prices ludicrous, and their simplistic reliance on diagnostics too restricting. Not sure about the ECU, but speaking with an indepedent armed with your previous knowledge should confirm which way to go. I freely admit that on the face of it, it does look a bit grim, but there may be options the independant can offer rather than automatically default to the most costly solution. Disguising yourself as a bloke would be unnecessary. Mod edit
  10. I would never ever entertain the possibilty of any dealer fixing my car - also a T180 - unless I was very certain of what the problem was beforehand. I would therefore go to a decent and honest independent, and ascertain for certain what the problem is. It may be that the DPF injector is at fault rather than the DPF itself. If it can be established that it is definitely DPF related, then I would conduct a further regen/clean of the DPF at the independent - not at the dealer - and see what happens thereafter. One possibilty is that the dealer's regen/cleaning operation is perhaps not as thorough as it ought to be....for obvious reasons. Only when you can be sure that the DPF is truly goosed would I then consider replacing it Clearly the dealer quote for this seems ******, so use the independent with the genuine part - and do shop around further for the latter.
  11. Dirty Air filter EGR clogged Brakes binding Heavier throttle use Different driving style Incorrect tyre pressures Poor quality fuel Dirty injectors Engine oil broken down or wrong type of oil used Oil filter clogged MAF sensor goosed ....take your pick
  12. Ogster


    Chaps Finally swapped out the horrible runflats on the T180 for 4 "normal" Hankooks. Have to say the ride is far less firm, far more compliant over potholes, steering is much more direct and handling is improved around the corners. 25 notes each to remove the old ones and the reinforcement rings from the rims - thus preserving the tyre pressure warning system. Well worth it if your runflats are nearing the end of useful life - jsut need a spare in the boot now.....that or ensure my breakdown cover is up to date.
  13. Ogster

    Advice/ help

    I think you need to be more certain of the problem before jumping to conclusions. If I were you, top it up to the correct level when the engine is warm and running, then drive around a bit and check the level carefully again. If you are indeed loosing coolant, it is not necessarily HG failure. It could be leak or a weep somewhere unseen, radiator failure, air in the system etc...Even if you do suspect HG failure, this should be checked out by a sniff test. Any garage should be able to comply.
  14. Jim Those would do very nicely! Been searching around somewhat, not found any in grey. There do seem to be plenty of different alloy wheels which fit for about 400 upwards, but many are just bling. After something tasteful and restrained.
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