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  1. So Officially if i have good understanding of this topic, bluetooth and usb adapter are worth to buy for b9010 unit?
  2. I collected car today morning. It drives like a dream. And I negotiate the price because i discover that front panel from navigation don't want to flip, so I am unable to put any Cd's inside. Any clues whats happen and how to fix it? This is b9010 model. I can live with this but any hints how to fix it will be appreciated. I found partially solution but I'm not sure if i can fit something like Bluetooth adapter to this model of stereo. I already look on youtube how to remove unit and it's lookin quite easy.
  3. Thank you for your answers. I will see the car today, and if all will be fine I will swap mine Toyota for a newer one :D
  4. Sorry for refreshing old topic but I'm about to buy this car Toyota Avensis T Spirit 2.0 petrol. It's 2008 car with about 90k miles on the clock. Is there something what i should be aware of? Any weak point etc.?
  5. Hi, I was read this forum for some time now so I decide to register here. I am proud owner of 2005 Avensis D4D 150hp. I have bought my Toyota half year ago. Few words abut me - My name is Dominic. I'm working for DHL as a FLT/Counterbalance driver. I live in Rugby, Warks. Some of my passions are armored vehicles( Challenger 2 FTW!), good books and rock/metal music.