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  1. Also the normal bulbs are yellow these ones are white.
  2. I know they are not LED do you think i should test them out Will they fit? Will they cause any problems?
  3. I have been searching for a while now for a decent pair of bulbs for the first stage of lights on my Toyota IQ 13.3 2011 After throwing away more than 60 LED White lights cause they dont last long before they start flashing like a strip club. I found these https://www.emag.hu/philips-w5w-whitevision-12961nbvb2-2db-csomag-8727900392043/pd/D7YGPDBBM/ Will these fit? Anyone with any knowledge that can guide me to the right direction? I will also show you my previous ones quite similar if not the same only last's 2-4 weeks before they start blinking. Thanks for taking the time to read. :)
  4. I actually had the same problems specially on rough roads like craggle says. So i visited my Toyota Dealer Garage a specialist check it showing me 2 Connection Rods Called stabilizers. After replacing those the car just feels like new better handling no noise on bumps no noise on full steering circle. I will post the exact name of the components i changed. I also thought it was somthing about abs or braking issued. Might be something else though
  5. I thought ECO mode only affects the gear into changing in lower rpms for better fuel efficiency does it also affect the electronical parts of the car? Drains out the battery?
  6. I think i will be trying that what the most logical voltage i can get as a result?
  7. I just got the new lights packaging says its the same stats as the factory ones 35W with just 8000k rather 6000k still same problem if the car is idle and already warmed up RPMS drop 100Rpms lower while the engine starts tingling? And yes Craig the engine does drop with the factory bulbs on the thing i am being bothered by is that i dont seem to remember if that was happening before the melt down. Seems to be working good tho no burning smell no meltdown on the bulbs gonna check them for a few months and repost again for new information. Thanks for reading, Charis.
  8. Hello Craig thanks for replying. Would you recommend keeping the factory lights on and not using 8000k again?
  9. Hello. I would like to ask if any of you has ever experience getting his xenon lights bulbs and plugs almost completely fried. I change the bulbs 6 months ago to 8000K ones so i get a more blue/white colour out of the lights and a couple of days ago i checked them and found out that everything almost melted... After removing the 8000k ones and cleaning the plugs from burnt materials i realized that when i switch my lights on the revs fall from 400 to 300 . I didn't notice if that also happen before discovering the problem so i dont know if this has affected the car in a mechanical way. Any of you had the same or similar experience? Thanks for reading. Charis.
  10. After visiting my local Toyota factory i have been informed that cvt oil is not to be changed. Only if there are any leaks or weird sounds while shifting.
  11. Hello Tom the thing is the answers i get are not totally clear to me. I dont seem to quite understand them since i contacted my Toyota local Car Dealer Factory and asked them the exact same question in witch they replied by saying that the CVT Transmition oil is a lifetime oil and only to be changed if there are any leaks to the gearbox and any other weird noise. And from the answers i get from here i began to wonder who was right cause in my latest post i recieved an answer witch said that the CVT Fluid Oil should be changed every 40000-50000 Kms should i spend 150 euros for no reason? and change the oil? or should i confirm my questions.?
  12. Hello guys i would like to ask every how often i should change my CVT Oil for my 2011 IQ3 1.3cc Cvt transmition D-S B Thanks Charis.
  13. Ow yes my bad... I mean the engine has anyone ever tried washing the engine?
  14. Anyone ever tried to wash the machine with water or any cleaning products?
  15. Does anyone know at how many kms i must change the gearbox oil for my toyota iq cvt?
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