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  1. Hi, I´m using Beru Ultra X on my 4AGE and i´m very happy with it, altough dont know if they are available for your motor.... Later
  2. Are the Corolla gti wheels 4x100 just like Hondas?? Thanks
  3. HEHEHE They go around 600 Euros... Laters
  4. Not painted? Hum , it´s a glossy finish carbon fiber! HEHEHEH
  5. Thanks for the answers :) I´ve already bought headers for my gti some time ago, but i would like to improve :) Ive bought Coby 4-1 ones. Your red gti would look nice with a carbon hood hehehe
  6. For example, those Hks and Apexi manifolds for the other version of the ae92, the gts , if we buy one will it fit perfectly our car? Thanks
  7. Since the car has an opening near the battery, try to enlarge the hole and pass a big tube, that fits the air box, and sucks the fresh air from that place.
  8. Hi, No, Bridgestones Re540 are street legal "competition" tires. Check em out at Bridgestone website. Regards
  9. Those wheels with Bridgestone´s RE540 S would be nice.
  10. Yes , it is the oil cooler! Not very common between the cars of that date.
  11. It´s the only springs Weitec has for the car...i believe it lowers by 3 centimeters. I would like to install coilover springs to lower it down more!
  12. HI, This is my 88 Corolla which i use for relaxing fun drive and track days. (with jdm license plates i bought over net) Engine mods: -20V ITB`s -Genie 4-1 headers with custom mid section and supersprint racing muffler -Racing clutch and lightened flywheel -TRD headgasket -rebuilt block with larger OEM pistons -Magnecor leads -Apexi SAFC Suspension: -Koni shocks -Weitec springs -BBS rims with racing michelin tyres Brakes: -Brembo rotors with EBC pads Exterior/Interior: -Fully painted with the new toyota corolla red -Carbon fiber hood -Front lip -Kingdragon racing bucket -Kingdragon steering wheel -Kingdragon 6 point seatbelts -Stripped out interior -No radio...no chauffage...nothing -Sabelt pedals
  13. Hi, Just try www.club4ag.com You´ll find the answers to your prayers there!
  14. There are alot of converters in the net. Mine is almost done, going to check it out tomorrow!
  15. Hi, are you easily able to buy performance parts for your corolla ae92 gti? P.S: If you want carbon hood tell me , i can get you , high quality :)
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