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  1. I had my clutch replaced in my 2005 T25 1.8 petrol and it came in at just under £300 - the mechanic charged me 4 hours labour.
  2. Decent tyres transform how a car is to live with and more importantly, are consistently better in the wet. I'd rather spend out a bit more on tyres and be able to stop in the wet, rather than crash into the guy in front of me!
  3. Good solve Artiom. I'm trying this on mine when I pick up some silicone spray!
  4. The fan is located behind the glovebox - undo the damper/piston thing on the left hand side of the glove compartment by undoing one screw with a crosshead screw driver, squeeze the sides in and eventually you'll see where it's catching and you'll free the glove compartment so it drops down. The fan unit is right there with the pollen filter housing above it. Remove the pollen filter to feel if there's anything in the fan which is beneath the pollen filter. As for replacement, I can't help as I haven't changed one.
  5. d-a-n


    I'd stick with going down to Euro car parts or an equivalent motor factors; the parts will be OEM spec for certain, no waiting for delivery and if the parts are wrong for whatever reason, you can return them and get the right ones in the same day.
  6. Went into Euro Car Parts and picked up a standard Mann filter for £13, I then had them swapped in around 5 minutes using the method described by Gary above. The filter which came out was very grey with lots of bits clogging up the top side - I don't know if this was one of the enhanced filters which are just grey with the charcoal coating though! The Mann filter doesn't have an 'up' position printed on it like the Toyota one does but has the direction of airflow printed on it. As the air is drawn downwards (you can tell as the top of the old filter was coated in bits) I put it in with the arrows down and the writing the correct way up (which all makes perfect sense now!) The result is much stronger fan performance, it doesn't make clatter-y noise at high speed (setting 3 or 4) and the air con smells much less musty.
  7. Thank you very much Gary, sounds like an easy job which just got made easier with your advice!
  8. Hi, I have a 2005 T3s Avensis which I suspect needs a new pollen filter/cabin filter. I have seen poor videos for changing this on LHD vehicles, My question is where will I find it on a RHD Avensis? Is it behind the glove compartment and is it easy to get to? Thank you in advance!
  9. Mine makes a little hiss when the radio and rear window demister are both on - I'll have to check for a cut in one of the trace wires. Maybe the more cuts there are, the louder the hiss?
  10. Michelin Primacy 3s, Goodyear Efficientgrips, Conti Premium contact 5s I have Bridgestone Turanza T001s and they are pretty good but I'll be replacing with Michelins next time. There are lots of tests done with 205 55 16s as it's a common size http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2015-European-Tyre-Test-205-55-R16.htm
  11. It's where you left your manners and the ability to punctuate correctly.
  12. I find any saving made in buying soft budgets with any hint of grip about them is offset with them not lasting as long. You then go 3 rounds of paying the tyre fitter vs only twice if you buy something which is from a reputable brand which can wipe out the budget's initial saving; if you're talking the cheap and multitudinous 205 55 16, the difference in budget vs branded once fitting is included isn't much anyway. All the while, the car is nicer to drive in all conditions on decent tyres and your stopping distance is better for those unforeseeable emergency situations involving water/aquaplaning/ice/cornering/stupid other drivers. I know that a new front bumper is a lot more than the extra I pay on Bridgestones vs Ling Longs.
  13. What is it currently wearing and do they all match at the moment? If you've got the 16 inch wheels, the selection is cheap and plentiful,whereas 17s will add another £20 a corner. Goodyear efficient grip or Conti Premium contacts are good, as are the slightly more expensive Michelins. Check out this link to a recent 205 55 16 tyre test http://www.tyrereviews.co.uk/Article/2015-European-Tyre-Test-205-55-R16.htm
  14. BTW - for every person on the internet who wants to find out why their car is burning oil, I imagine there are lots more who's car isn't and they aren't bothering to get on the web to tell everyone their car ISN'T burning oil!
  15. I've recently asked the same question and got good answers on this forum. I've just bought an 85k 05 car in otherwise great condition - decent Bridgestones all round, expensive wipers, lots of indicators that the car has been cherished. I reckon if the previous owner knew it was an oil burner, they wouldn't have spent all this 'unnecessary' extra money on it. I've no idea if it was a new short block one but I've done 300 miles and the oil level on the dipstick hasn't moved, I'm using V power in it for the time being as I want to do my usual 1 tank of v power then 2 tanks of regular routine. I guess the scientific way to tell would be to get engine block numbers etc, or just use your intuition. If the worst it does is burn a bit of oil, you'll still see a lot of life in it yet and have a car which is lovely too.