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  1. Hello. I have just bought a new front indicator unit/lense. Please could someone let me know how to fit it. Regards pat
  2. Hello, I would like some advice, I drove my car last saturday, and noticed 4 things. My indicators are not working(but hazards do), my speedo is not working, and on my dash i have the ABS and handbrake light on. I was wondering if this could be a fuse, or is it something more drastic. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Regards Patrick
  3. I have just had an oil check from my local toyota garage and they came up with my car doing 700mls over 1300miles. They just topped it up again and said it was in toyota specs and told me to come back in 6 months, after I had said that's a lot of oil to use over 1300miles. I have now done another 100miles and am going to check this weekend. I shall keep you posted. Is it worth contacting watchdog, as Peaguot 307 and 406 drivers had some joy.
  4. Is this a job for watchdog maybe? It worked for peugeot 406 and 307 drivers.
  5. My local dealer topped my oil up about 4 weeks ago and told me to go back when I had done 1000miles. I went back this week having done 1300miles as I had a trip to Scotland. They then told me that the car had used 700mls and that it was within toyota specs. At which I said that is a lot of oil to use for a car that has only done 32k, so they told me to come back in 6 months. Can anyone tell me if the later VVti engine says the same in the owners manual 1 litre per 1000miles. Also has anyone got any advise on what my next move should be? Will this problem get worse? Regards Pat
  6. My Avensis is going into my local toyota garage on Friday, for high oil consumption. Not as high as some of you, but 1 litre in 3000miles. They told me if the engine number matchs their list then it has a 5 year garauntee. Here's hoping the rectify the problem.
  7. I am with direct line, but my renewal for a 1.8VVTi GS 2001 is 360. How is yours so cheap?
  8. Hello, My Avensis seems to have developed a problem with its displayed current MPG. It shows 0MPG at stop and 99.9mpg all the time whilst the car is travelling. Has anyone else had this problem and if so what was the solution? Are there some button presses to correct it or is it a faulty sensor? Regards Pat
  9. Thank you for your advice. My average speed and mpg work well now they have been reset. Best Regards Patrick
  10. Mine is a 1.8 petrol, so should it have 2? If so are they expensive and easy to fit? Best Regards Patrick
  11. Hello, I have a 2001 1.8 VVTi Avensis, and my average mpg never changes from 33.4. Can you tell me is this the same problem? The car has had it's speedo changed when the previous owner had it. Best Regards Patrick
  12. Hello, I have taken my Avensis to my local toyota garage and they had looked at the brakes, steering and fuel gauge. They claimed to have fixed the fuel guage, but haven't and have said the steering and brakes are fine. The brakes seem a bit better, so I assume they have bled them, but the steering still groans when turned and knocks every quarter of a turn. They are going to have another look on Friday. All this is under warranty. I do however have another question can anyone tell me if my model of avensis should have 1 or 2 blanking plates in the front bumper where the spotlights go. A
  13. Cheers for the help. I am not that mechanically minded though. Has anyone come across the other problem I described concering the fuel gauge? Best Regards Patrick
  14. Hello All, My name is Patrick and I have just bought a 2001 Y reg Avensis 1.8GS VVTi. Since driving it I have noticed that the brakes are very spongy, I have read your other posts and tried the suggestions, but no joy. The other problems I have noticed are that the fuel gauge takes about 1.5 miles before it reads correctly and when I turn the steering wheel I hear a clunk and some squeaking. Can any one help? I changed to a Toyota because the mechanic I use recommended Toyota's. Apart from these problems the car is great, it's definately more economical the my 93 L Mondeo. Best Regards Patr
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