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  1. Was due to test drive one today but obviously now in Tier 4 so that isn't happening. The engine has been designed & built by Toyota and is unique to the Yaris GR. It sits on a 4WD platform that has been designed for World Rallying & pushes out approx 260 bhp. Nothing like this has been around for a long time & with many manufactures throwing all of their money in to electric car development, I take my hat off to Toyota for having the balls to design, develop & build a car like this that won't have been cheap to produce. I am a whisker away from pulling the trigger on
  2. Has anyone managed to get a test drive in one of these as yet and if so, was it the standard or circuit pack one and what are your thoughts?
  3. Out of interest, what features are missing compared to the EU model? I have seen lack of heated seats as a option mentioned in a few places & never understand why companies do this as it's not exactly tropical in the UK in winter.
  4. Where on earth did you manage to find this? I seen one advertised last year with 25k or so on the clock, FTSH, mint condition, etc. but they wanted crazy money for it. Yours looks spot on 👌
  5. I got mine from a place called Yam6 who are very good & I have bought a few bits & pieces from them at massively discounted prices compared to Toyota UK . It was £330 for both including delivery (not a massive saving on these & I could not find them cheaper anywhere else for OEM parts). The part numbers you need are 81110-52370 (drivers side) & 81150-52370 (passenger side) & the new units come complete with bulbs already fitted. I am glad that I went for the pair as there would have been a significant difference in how one brand new unit would have looked against
  6. Hi, thanks for the info & I have checked already, it's the 057 as per what Flash22 / Bob has stated above
  7. Hi all, just to clarify my statement above, where I mean the cables reaching, I mean to the correct terminals on the battery on the right hand side (close to the bulk head) and not the left as they currently are on mine, not swapping them round as I don't fancy blowing a load of fuses. Mine is a T-Sport & all of the T-Sports were built in Japan. Edit: Flash22 - I see what you mean, I was struggling to find a battery with the left pos as you have described above - thanks!
  8. Greetings all, I am in need of a new battery for my T-Sport as it has been fading for a while & by all accounts it looks like the original Toyota battery. Any replacements I am finding by entering my reg no are throwing up all sorts of options but one I am keen on is a Yuasa YBX5063 which is available from Amazon at £58.95 and the same battery is at Halfrauds labelled as a HSB063 for £90 so you can see where I plan to purchase it from. I spoke with Yuasa directly this morning to confirm what I have just stated. The questions are, any battery I find seems to be a good bit wid
  9. I faced the same problem with my Mk1 T-Sport so I had a custom one made with a lifetime guarantee for £350
  10. New lights fitted - yeah! Even with dropping the bumper & being very careful as I wanted to try and sell the drivers side light (as it wasn't broken), a part broke off it as I removed it which had clearly gone brittle over time. Never mind, nightmare now over 👍
  11. I do love my little Yaris & I love a bargain too as I imported the lights way cheaper than Toyota UK which made them only fractionally more expensive than non oem ones from the likes of eurocar parts 👍
  12. Yes, new headlight units have arrived (imported from Toyota Japan) so I know for certain they are the right ones as they matched them to my VIN. Just haven't had a chance to take a look as yet as full of flu 🤮
  13. Hi snowballs, Toyota don't sell the clip separately & universal ones won't fit. That's the main reason I've had to go down the route of new headlamp units.
  14. Ian, after hunting high and low for a solution to my problem (I didn't want to pay £30+ for a 2nd hand unit that may break like mine has) I've ordered 2 new headlamp units. How easy is it to swap the units? I know there are bolts at the top of the lights themselves but do I have to drop the bumper or anything else to gain access to swap them?
  15. Quick update on this, whilst trying to fit the retaining spring / clamp (bearing in mind that it's no longer attached to the headlamp) it's shot off in to the engine bay somewhere & I can not find it. Been to Halfords to see if any of their universal clamps will fit & they won't, they reckon it needs to be the original which I've no longer got & doubt that Toyota will sell them given that they are supposed to be attached / part of the headlamp unit itself. The guy at halfords suggested trying to put some heat tape around the bulb to almost wedge it in place but I'm not convin
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