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  1. A quick update on this. Firstly, thank you to all you responded & gave me lots of things to consider when it came to finding a suitable car My brother and I took my mother to see some Aygo's and Yaris's and TBH Mum preferred the Aygo so we set about finding her one. We upped our budget a little and last weekend we picked up a 2014 Aygo with 40k on the clock & FTSH for £3.5k which our mother is delighted with & we thought was a good buy for the money. Cheers Martin
  2. I got a custom made exhaust for £350. Told them that I wanted it to look & sound OEM and it very much does so I am very happy & quids in.
  3. I had a similar issue recently with my Mk1 Yaris T-Sport. My back box was blowing and the middle section wasn't far off giving up the ghost so I ended up getting a stainless steel custom exhaust made. I stated right from the off that I wanted it to sound and look as OEM as possible & it does and for £350 it was a fraction of the price of main dealers.
  4. Interesting that you should mention a Honda Jazz as viewing one had crossed my mind. Will add this to the list along with the Aygo & Yaris.
  5. There are always offers / deals to be had online & I currently have Goodyear EfficientGrip performance in the standard 185 size on my OEM wheels & TBH at the time when I bought them they were about £10 - £15 per tyre cheaper than 195's so not worth the extra cash IMO. Had I have bought 195's then I probably would have ended up buying the same Goodyear EfficientGrip tyres as they provide very good grip and I do tend to push them hard 🙂
  6. Hi all, My mother's car (1997 Nissan Micra) is on it's last legs and my brother and I are going to go halves and buy our mother a replacement car (Aygo or Yaris) with a budget of £3k for her 70th birthday. My mother doesn't need anything bigger or more powerful than either of these cars so it's just a case of deciding on which one. Updated based upon helpful comment below from eygo: Boot space doesn't have to be massive, just enough to get some weekly shopping in to. I currently have a Mk1 Yaris T-Sport which I have had for a number of years & it has been faultless and with our budget I know that we could pick up a low mileage 2008 / 2009 Yaris. However, I realise for the same money that we could possibly get a 2011 - 2013 Aygo but I know that the build quality probably isn't as good as the Yaris and after reading the rear window thread we definitely won't be looking at 5dr versions I appreciate that this is the Aygo club page but if you were in my position (bearing in mind that this is for my nearly 70 year old mother) which one would you buy and are there any issues / problems to look out for on the 2011 - 2013 Aygo's? TIA for any responses / help / suggestions Cheers Martin
  7. Does it make any difference stepping up the width of the tyre to 195 vs 185 - better grip or not noticeable?
  8. Hi all, I currently have my full blown winters on at the moment but will need to put my standard wheels & tyres back on soon if it stays as mild as it is. I currently have Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance 185/55 R15 82V but want to replace 2 of them before they go back on the car as they are down to under 3mm. I don't want to go down the route of cross climate or all season tyres due to having my winters so just really want a good summer tyre that gives good levels of grip in the rain. The Goodyears's have been good but I was wondering if anyone can recommend anything else or do I stick with what I have? Cheers
  9. I have should have added that I am running Continental Winter Contact TS860's
  10. Lots of debate this time of year whether winter tyres or not. On 29th Jan 2019 it dumped with snow over the snake pass in the Peaks with very expensive 4x4's on their standard summer tyres failing to get over the top and even making the point of winding down their window to tell me that I had no chance on making it as they had tried twice & failed. I had lots of surprised faces when I passed them all and I was the only one over the top at 3pm on Tuesday afternoon - Winter tyres are the way forward if you live in an area that gets is bad!
  11. As above, check the basics, battery, earth connections & power steering fluid. ABS light could be a sensor although should throw up a code if you know anyone with an OB2 code reader.
  12. I have a 2005 Yaris T-Sport and all I can say is that it's one of the best little cars that I have ever owned & I have gone through a few over the years. I bought mine when it had 54k on the clock & FTSH. A number of years later it still has FTSH and has just turned 82k and has flew through it's MOT a few weeks ago with no advisories. Mpg wise I am getting close to 40 & it has been ultra reliable with me only having to replace a few parts where corrosion has got the better of them such as the exhaust & fuel neck filler pipe. You need to remember this is a different car to the 1.3 and is huge fun to drive on twisty roads if you like that kind of thing. I love mine as you may be able to tell
  13. Kaisar, I am in need of a rear and centre section. When I look at the euro car parts website it says that the centre section will only fit with the Klarius cat which I don't need. From what I can see above, you didn't replace the cat right as I am being told by numerous places that the centre section contains 2 cats which is confusing matters? Kwil Fit, CES and other places want £300 for the centre section containing the cats and euro car parts want about £65 including their sales discount and it clearly doesn't contain any cats which they sell separately which again is confusing matters. When I have spoken with them all you get is someone on the end of the line who is not able to give any advice what so ever.
  14. Anyone? Surely someone has replaced an exhaust on a Mk1 Yaris T-Sport without buying from Toyota?
  15. Has anyone bought one of these & if so, what are your thoughts?