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  1. As I suspected, Japan only & 500 units. Priced at £55k + shipping + import tax 😮 https://toyotagazooracing.com/pressrelease/2022/0114-02/
  2. Unfortunately for many eager wannabe owners this wasn't the case when their orders were placed. Everyone knew that there was an 8-9 month wait, but when that turns in to 18 months +, then it's going to be frustrating, but definitely worth waiting for IMO 👍
  3. Highly likely to be Japan only & very limited numbers, if it happens. The ironic thing is that there is an outstanding order list as long as your arm that Toyota aren't able to fulfil at the moment due to various reasons and then they are creating this. Cars that were supposed to be delivered now were pushed back to May 2022, and then pushed back again to October 2022, and these are cars that were ordered prior to June 2021 when the order books closed. Most manufactures complete their orders, then do a end of line special, but not in this case! I am just glad that I got mine when I did.
  4. I don't think there will be a lot of change out of £10k. I have had a good look under mine whilst on ramps at my mate's garage & there is a lot going on, especially with it having the Circuit pack.
  5. The GR in question. In for some repairs 🙄
  6. Fair point and I am just talking specifically about the UK market 👍
  7. All GR's have Apple Car Play & Android Auto as standard regardless of whether you have Nav or not (which was only available on the convenience pack as Toyota Touch 2 with Go Navigation). If you have the Circuit Pack car, like 95% of cars sold in the UK are, then you won't have Toyota Nav so will have to use maps, waze, etc. via Apple Car Play & Android Auto
  8. There is a separate multimedia guide as per the attached for the GR which Toyota didn't share with owners for some reason. Try the basics 1st, uninstall & reinstall Android auto, try a different cable as some cheap ones will only charge your phone and not allow transfer of data that is required for Android Auto to work. In mine, I simply plug my phone in to the car, press the menu button and Android Auto is there as an option. Once you select this, you should have access to all of your apps such as Google Maps, Waze, Spotify, etc. etc. I have not heard of any GR's needing any kind of update to the head unit to install or activate Android Auto. GR Yaris Multimedia - OM52L14E.pdf
  9. You have power on somewhere which is causing the bing. I can open my doors, get stuff out of the boot, etc. without any noise / bings. If you have pressed the GR start / stop button once, it turns on the stereo & you will then get the bing noise that you are describing as there is power on. If you aren't touching anything then have a look in the manual or ask you dealer as it shouldn't be doing this.
  10. Hi Scott, I need a jack & toolkit too and would need to replace the tyre so I will leave it, but thank you for your offer.
  11. Unfortunately for me, I am trying to use the fitment (from what I now know is an Avensis & Auris) on my other Toyota that didn't come with a space saver, just the pointless gunk / tyre weld. After destroying a tyre last weekend and the gunk not working, I need a space saver.
  12. Hi all, I am looking for a 17" space saver wheel 114.3x5 with a centre bore 60.1mm and was told that the Prius possibly has this fitment. Is anyone able to confirm? TIA for any responses.
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