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  1. Silver Yaris

    Winter tyres - why you should get some

    I have should have added that I am running Continental Winter Contact TS860's
  2. Silver Yaris

    Winter tyres - why you should get some

    Lots of debate this time of year whether winter tyres or not. On 29th Jan 2019 it dumped with snow over the snake pass in the Peaks with very expensive 4x4's on their standard summer tyres failing to get over the top and even making the point of winding down their window to tell me that I had no chance on making it as they had tried twice & failed. I had lots of surprised faces when I passed them all and I was the only one over the top at 3pm on Tuesday afternoon - Winter tyres are the way forward if you live in an area that gets is bad!
  3. Silver Yaris

    Problems with Toyota Yaris 05

    As above, check the basics, battery, earth connections & power steering fluid. ABS light could be a sensor although should throw up a code if you know anyone with an OB2 code reader.
  4. Silver Yaris

    Yaris T-Sport 1.5 2005 question.

    I have a 2005 Yaris T-Sport and all I can say is that it's one of the best little cars that I have ever owned & I have gone through a few over the years. I bought mine when it had 54k on the clock & FTSH. A number of years later it still has FTSH and has just turned 82k and has flew through it's MOT a few weeks ago with no advisories. Mpg wise I am getting close to 40 & it has been ultra reliable with me only having to replace a few parts where corrosion has got the better of them such as the exhaust & fuel neck filler pipe. You need to remember this is a different car to the 1.3 and is huge fun to drive on twisty roads if you like that kind of thing. I love mine as you may be able to tell
  5. Silver Yaris

    Yaris T Sport

    Kaisar, I am in need of a rear and centre section. When I look at the euro car parts website it says that the centre section will only fit with the Klarius cat which I don't need. From what I can see above, you didn't replace the cat right as I am being told by numerous places that the centre section contains 2 cats which is confusing matters? Kwil Fit, CES and other places want £300 for the centre section containing the cats and euro car parts want about £65 including their sales discount and it clearly doesn't contain any cats which they sell separately which again is confusing matters. When I have spoken with them all you get is someone on the end of the line who is not able to give any advice what so ever.
  6. Silver Yaris

    Mk1 Yaris T-Sport New exhaust needed. Any recommendations?

    Anyone? Surely someone has replaced an exhaust on a Mk1 Yaris T-Sport without buying from Toyota?
  7. Silver Yaris

    Mk1 Yaris T-Sport New exhaust needed. Any recommendations?

    Has anyone bought one of these & if so, what are your thoughts?
  8. Hi all, As per the title, the rear box has started to rattle and blow and the centre section isn't looking to healthy either so I may as well replace the whole lot whilst I'm at it. Eurocarparts have a Klarius rear & centre section system which I have never heard of for £106 using their boxing day discount code and their website says that the centre pipe will only fit with a Kalrius cat which is pushes the bill up to £194 - is this true or just a sales tactic as I don't need to replace the cat? Has anyone fitted one of these systems, are they any good and it looks like they don't come with the oval shaped tail pipe so I am assuming that I can just swap it over? Or does anyone have any better recommendations as I would imagine that the OEM one is fairly pricey? I want to keep the car standard so am not interested in a stainless steel or loud exhaust. Cheers Edit: I've just spoken with National Tyres & Exhausts who are telling me that the centre section has a cat in it & is £300 by itself + £100 for the rear section - does the centre section have a cat in it as Eurocarparts are selling the cat as a separate item?
  9. Silver Yaris

    2001 T Sport Throttle Body error

    Another option is to give these guys a call & get a quote for a brand new from Japan. I recently bought new rear springs and a fuel neck filler pipe for less than half the price of what Toyota UK wanted and these are genuine Toyota parts.
  10. Silver Yaris

    Engine Cuts Out - Electrics at Fault Maybe?

    Take the car to a Halfords garage as they will do a free battery & alternator test - at least that way you are not potentially spending money on a battery when you may not need one.
  11. Silver Yaris

    2001 Yaris T Sport Intermittent Lack of power

    When was the last time that it had a service? I know you've said you checked the MAF & O2 sensor but there also other simple things that could potentially cause what you are describing such as a damaged / bad connection on the main earth strap or loose / bad connections on your battery although you should notice this at night as your lights will flicker when you have the loss of power. Could be dirty injectors so a bottle of injector cleaner in a tank of fuel is worth doing anyway. Gunked up spark plugs or faulty coil packs would typically cause a misfire rather than loss of power but it would do no harm to check them.
  12. Silver Yaris

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    I like to keep my little Yaris as clean as I can & even got asked at it's last MOT if I'd had it in storage somewhere I did originally look for a set of steels but couldn't seem to find any at a decent price & then these ph2 mk2 alloys came up on Facebook marketplace for £100 so it was a no brainer as they say.
  13. Silver Yaris

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    I read about these & they have had great reviews but at the time my normal / summer tyres had about 5mm on them all round so it made no sense to buy these as I would have never used what I had. The Continental Winter Contact TS 860's won Autocar's winter tyre test last year and deservedly so as they are fantastic in the snow, ice, wet & cold weather and I should hopefully get a few more winter's out of them with only having them on the car for 4 months or so per year.
  14. Silver Yaris

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    Not a Hybrid but a Mk1 T-Sport running Mk2 alloys with full blown winter tyres - Continental Winter Contact TS 860's. I commute to Sheffield 3 days a week via the Snake Pass and believe you and me, that road gets battered with snow & ice to the extent that it ends up being closed for 2-3 days at a time at many points over the winter. Last winter I crossed the pass safely many times when other cars were turning around or sliding all over the road due to the sheer amount of grip that these tyres provide - like the brown stuff to a blanket 😉 I put my winter tyres on last weekend after the 1st dump of snow over the Snake pass last week & they will probably stay on until the end of March as they did last year. Had I not lived so close to the Peaks where there is always a lot of snow every winter then I probably wouldn't have bothered with winter tyres.
  15. Silver Yaris

    Parcel shelf speakers

    I fitted rear speakers in mine & have the speaker cable under the carpet / trim running down the passenger side of the car & then along side the rear seat in to the boot & to the speakers. Could be possible that the previous owner fitted them but didn't connect them? You will soon be able to tell as if all 4 speakers (2 dash mounted & 2 doors) are all working then you will need to use one of those feeds to power the rears. I used the dash ones to feed the rears as the door ones are fairly decent so I decided to keep those.