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  1. Silver Yaris

    2001 T Sport Throttle Body error

    Another option is to give these guys a call & get a quote for a brand new from Japan. I recently bought new rear springs and a fuel neck filler pipe for less than half the price of what Toyota UK wanted and these are genuine Toyota parts.
  2. Silver Yaris

    Engine Cuts Out - Electrics at Fault Maybe?

    Take the car to a Halfords garage as they will do a free battery & alternator test - at least that way you are not potentially spending money on a battery when you may not need one.
  3. Silver Yaris

    2001 Yaris T Sport Intermittent Lack of power

    When was the last time that it had a service? I know you've said you checked the MAF & O2 sensor but there also other simple things that could potentially cause what you are describing such as a damaged / bad connection on the main earth strap or loose / bad connections on your battery although you should notice this at night as your lights will flicker when you have the loss of power. Could be dirty injectors so a bottle of injector cleaner in a tank of fuel is worth doing anyway. Gunked up spark plugs or faulty coil packs would typically cause a misfire rather than loss of power but it would do no harm to check them.
  4. Silver Yaris

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    I like to keep my little Yaris as clean as I can & even got asked at it's last MOT if I'd had it in storage somewhere I did originally look for a set of steels but couldn't seem to find any at a decent price & then these ph2 mk2 alloys came up on Facebook marketplace for £100 so it was a no brainer as they say.
  5. Silver Yaris

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    I read about these & they have had great reviews but at the time my normal / summer tyres had about 5mm on them all round so it made no sense to buy these as I would have never used what I had. The Continental Winter Contact TS 860's won Autocar's winter tyre test last year and deservedly so as they are fantastic in the snow, ice, wet & cold weather and I should hopefully get a few more winter's out of them with only having them on the car for 4 months or so per year.
  6. Silver Yaris

    Yaris Hybrid winter tyres.

    Not a Hybrid but a Mk1 T-Sport running Mk2 alloys with full blown winter tyres - Continental Winter Contact TS 860's. I commute to Sheffield 3 days a week via the Snake Pass and believe you and me, that road gets battered with snow & ice to the extent that it ends up being closed for 2-3 days at a time at many points over the winter. Last winter I crossed the pass safely many times when other cars were turning around or sliding all over the road due to the sheer amount of grip that these tyres provide - like the brown stuff to a blanket 😉 I put my winter tyres on last weekend after the 1st dump of snow over the Snake pass last week & they will probably stay on until the end of March as they did last year. Had I not lived so close to the Peaks where there is always a lot of snow every winter then I probably wouldn't have bothered with winter tyres.
  7. Silver Yaris

    Parcel shelf speakers

    I fitted rear speakers in mine & have the speaker cable under the carpet / trim running down the passenger side of the car & then along side the rear seat in to the boot & to the speakers. Could be possible that the previous owner fitted them but didn't connect them? You will soon be able to tell as if all 4 speakers (2 dash mounted & 2 doors) are all working then you will need to use one of those feeds to power the rears. I used the dash ones to feed the rears as the door ones are fairly decent so I decided to keep those.
  8. Silver Yaris

    Yaris T-Sport Miles out of Full tank?

    I used to get 350 miles to a tank on a motorway commute sitting at around 70 mph but this has changed since my daily commute of 32 miles each way is a twisty A road where I am up & down the gearbox like a fiddlers elbow . I am now getting 300-310 from a tank of fuel but it's way more fun and as for changing gear at 1500-1900, in town I'd agree but on twisty roads where this car is so much fun it's more like 5000rpm in 3rd before changing up
  9. Silver Yaris

    Yaris Mk1 T-Sport - help with strange noise in engine bay

    Update on this after going to the garage today - water pump is definitely on it's way out & is what is causing the noise. Bit of a relief that it's only this and not something more serious. Have got it booked in for next week for a new water pump.
  10. Silver Yaris

    T-Sport rear springs

    I got mine & various other parts from a place called I won't put a link in here in case they are not allowed but they supply genuine Toyota parts at around half the price of Toyota UK.
  11. Silver Yaris

    Yaris Mk1 T-Sport - help with strange noise in engine bay

    Hi Madasfish, I think you are on to something. It's not a squeal as I had that a while after getting the new belts fitted so had to go back & get them adjusted. This is more of a weird angry cat noise. Anyway, spoke with Toyota today who have always looked after it and they are saying they think it's either the water pump on it's way out as apparently they make weird noises when they start to go or the bearings in one of the pulleys. I'm going to take it in tomorrow for them to have a look and see if they can identify exactly what it is before I have to part with some cash.
  12. Hi all, I have what I can only describe as an angry cat (animal & not convertor) under my bonnet. The noise is fairly loud and gets louder as the engine is revved. This noise is present when the car is stationary so it's not motion related. I initially thought it was coming from the engine until I lifted the bonnet & it appears to be the belts / pulleys side of the engine. I've had all the belts replaced by Toyota about 12 months ago, so could it be a noisy pulley or has anyone else experienced this or have any idea what this could be? I use the car to commute nearly 70 miles per day so could do with understanding what this is ASAP. TIA for any responses.
  13. Silver Yaris

    T-Sport rear springs

    I've managed to find a place that can supply genuine rear springs direct from Japan for £69.99 each which seems like a bargain when Toyota want £149.99 each!
  14. Goodyear Energy tyres all round which have only done a few thousand miles at the most & give a good level of grip and the car is doing this in the dry. Just wasn't sure if was an ABS fault, e.g. rear locking up when braking hard.
  15. Hi all, There have been a few times lately where I have had to brake hard, e.g. tractor in the road when I have come round a corner at say 50 mph and the back end has felt twitchy as if it is going to step out. The car handles as normal with no knocking, crashing or banging & nothing was highlighted as worn at it's last service & MOT with Toyota in May 2018. Is this normal behaviour for this car under hard braking as I know that it's very light or something that needs to be looked in to? TIA for any responses.