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  1. Just wanted any new owner opinions on it please, especially any x MMT owners. Is it better than the previous Aygo. I'm probably going to purchase on Sat and can't be bothered with a manual, thanks all.
  2. Cheers for the info, I'll test drive an auto on Saturday and give you my opinion. I've had Aygos for the best part of six years now and every update has been an improvement, I'd imagine the chassis is a class above than my current one being based on the new Yaris and as for performance I think when buying a vehicle like this then speed is probably low on the agenda.
  3. Interesting to hear your thoughts on a long trip in the car. I had a chat yesterday with my local dealer and they have offered me a base Pure auto brand new for a fiver more a month than I'm currently paying for my 70 plate. I know the Pure is the base model but it seems a no-brainer. Just wanted your opinion on the CVT box and how revvy is it at 70mph, cheers.
  4. Car is going to be left for a week while I'm away, I'll have a listen when I'm home, cheers.
  5. Definitely coming from under the bonnet and fan is at the lowest speed.
  6. I haven't noticed any difference in performance and it seems very cold once up and running even in the plus 30 temps we've been having, as I said it only does it if the car has been left a long while such as overnight.
  7. Hi all, I've noticed that from stone cold my air con has started making what can only be described as a groaning noise when I switch it on. Sounds just like a lowish groan that lasts about a second then all is normal. It all seems to be working fine with cold air from the vents and if I turn it off then on again it's all normal with no groan, as I say it seems to happen when everything is cold and unused, say overnight.car has only done 5k and is a 70 plate with the digital temperature settings. Thanks for any help.
  8. Thanks all, still love the car for all its little foibles.
  9. On level ground, may well just be a glitch every once in a while. It makes take off a tad jerky though.
  10. Not sure if this is something I should be worried about, car has only covered 4800 miles but I've noticed that on very rare occasions when going from n to e at lights or in traffic that it doesn't creep and instead I have to press the accelerator gently to start moving forward. As I say this is extremely rare and I can test it in my drive and out of twenty times it never did it once. Absolutely no point yet going to the dealer as I doubt they'll find anything as in every other respect it drives faultlessly with no beeps or gear change issues.
  11. Hi, noticed something today while driving with the window down which was a strange noise that seems to occur at exactly the same time through the gears of my mmt and only once, by which I mean if I stop at a set of lights then pull away it will do it and carry on as normal and then say I have to stop and accelerate away it'll do it again. It can only be described as a chafing noise for a split second and it's quite high pitched I'm not convinced it occurs on a gear change but I don't pick it up in the cabin with everything closed, just picked up on it today with no music on and windows down. It's only done 4.5k on a 2020 and drives absolutely fine and no burning smells either. I'm used to the clunky noises the actuator makes but this seems different but as I say absolutely no issues on the road. Very wary about my main dealer looking at it as they are to put it politely.... Not very good.
  12. The MMT certainly has it's issues and I can see why some people hate it, on a personal note I've noticed with mine that early change ups require a feather lite right foot and it works okay and changes up about where I would. One thing I wish is that Toyota had left first and second ratios as the manual nice and high but all they did was lower them causing the engine to rev more.
  13. Well I've had my 2020 Aygo for a couple of months now and so far I'm quite impressed with it. Having had two others one a 15 plate and the other a 2020 manual I decided to go for the MMT because I never go out of town and a manual box was becoming a chore. Have to agree with some on here that the box is better than the press it receives and I've only really noticed issues every now and again at roundabouts where it gets a bit muddled and on hills. The paddle shift is great and as long as you up your foot changes are nice and smooth I also think this one seems to be built better than my others but time will tell. Fuel economy seems a bit worse but negligible for the fact I now don't have to keep stirring the gearbox. Overall happy!
  14. Just to chuck in that I had this issue with my 2020 X-Play, couldn't believe Toyota could be so stupid as to design something so poor. It turned a simple job into a complete nightmare! While I'm not fussed about having alloys at least on the X-Trend I don't dread checking the pressures any more.
  15. Finally done to an expected standard after a day job turned into a week, shocking really. Thanks for all your comments.
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