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  1. Dealer probably reset them before I got it back But iv done 183miles on half a tank compared till the 210 I got on the on the last 3tanks if that's anything to go buy
  2. Have had all my lights come on my dash 3times in the last month took back to dealer First time didn't tell me the reason just cleared it Second time was told it was 02 sensor Third time was told it was the cat Dealer changed the cat for me he told me it had deteriorated and was rattling around in the exhaust that's what might be blowing through your exhaust
  3. Got the car back to day and it seems to be a bit quieter to drive dealer said he has changed the cat as the old one had deteriorated and could be head rattling when lifted and shook about, as for the high revs when engine is warm that's still a problem took a quick look at the filter and their is slack on the cable going to the maf, and noticed that most of the rubber couplings from the maf to charger have been changed till red silicone type so I'll start checking them out on Sunday
  4. Thanx SanaYusuf iv found fitting instructions from the k&n site so I can back trace the fitting guide and see if any things a miss Just out of interest is their much of a difference in noise from the apexi filter compared to the standard air box at 4k rpm steady motorway driving as I find the typhoon to be a bit to loud for my liking and is their much of a hp improvement over the stock system as I might try and track a standard system down
  5. The filter was fitted by a previous owner I'll need to a look around the wires to see if their is any sign of strain As for the maf the dealer told me he got a tec guy out to go over the car and couldn't find anything wrong because the first time the EML came on the fault code was for front bank 02 sensor and the second time it was for the cat working below performance I have to leave it back into him this week to get it looked at It's the high idling 1450rpm when warm that's annoying me forgot to mention that on cold start you can't just put the car into gear and take of d
  6. Hello first time on the forum I have recently bought a 06 TTE compressor and have a couple of problems Iv had the engine management light and the traction control light come on 3times in as many weeks the first time I was told it was an o2 sensor that was supposed to be changed but the dealer said it was fixed after he serviced it then after 5 days I was back again this time the cat was "working below efficacy" and is due back in this week This is were I need advice my car is idling at 800rpm on cold start up and as the temp rises the rpm rises to 1450rpm were it will stay doesn't drop b
  7. Are these much louder at motorway speed crusing at 70-80 than the standard air box
  8. Just a quick intro I'm mick from n.ireland just recently back into Toyota as a daily drive past car history had an ep82 GT turbo about 7years ago sadly missed have a ma61 celicasupra in the garage for the last 4 years don't get enough time till get it out much and I'm back in a 06 Corolla TTE compressor now been a wile from posting on forums I'll try and post some picks when I get it hooked up to my fone
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