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  1. Posting for a neighbour. He owns a 2011 Landcruiser 3.0 D4d and after being stood for a few months [as he works abroad] it now wont start. Fuel is reaching up to the injector pipes. The car will start using some easy start for a couple of seconds and then dies down. Nothing obvious and no warning lights.. Any Ideas ?
  2. Will do. However it seems to be a occasional problem. Last time it lasted for a week or so then sorted itself out and now its been like this for 2 days however my indy guy is on holiday and returns in a couple of weeks. Will update as and when..
  3. Cheers pal you are a star ! I will fwd this on to my mechanic and get him to investigate.
  4. Its hydraulic and apparantly share the same 'cylinder' as the brakes according to my local indy. However not noticed the levels dropping...
  5. Recently my clutch has become very soft and requires pumping a good few times before it 'feels' like a clutch and then engages. If left for a few minutes its back at almost an inch away from the floor?
  6. Yes i've now done same. bought 3 bottles and told the wife to put it with the fuel as and when. Only issue now is the yellow spanner light coming on after about 10 mins of driving.. Have reset via the instructions in the manual to do a re-set for service but no joy.
  7. Update - all fixed. The engine and 4wd lights went off after I had taken the car for a good run (cleared the dpf out I suppose). The VSC and Skid LIghts went out after a bit of digging on Google..! Basically I just bridged 2 points from the OBD port and this re-sets the speed / steering sensor (Yaw control). So all good and best part is it didnt cost a penny :)
  8. Hi peeps, FIrstly sorry for not replying back sooner on my other issue (diesel getting into oil). Anyway as reccomended by members on here I booked into local mr T and they carried out some recall work. Not sure what they did buy they 'seemed' to think it was a big job and had it a few days. Anyway I have been working away for a few months and the wife has been using the car. Upon picking me up from the airport I noticed the dash light up like a christmas tree (quite appropriate for the time of year :) ) So we have engine light and 4wd as well as traction VSC and also lack of power. Had my local guy run a diagnostic and it came with the following faults: ENGINE CODES:- P252F Engine oil level too high (checked and its bang on the max indicator) and P2463 DPF restriction - Soot Accumulation ABS CODES:- C1201 Engine Control System Fault, C1210 and C1336 "Zero Point Yaw Sensor Calibration Undone and Yaw Rate Sensor Calibration Undone" Toyota cannot fit me in until New Year and i'm only home until 7th July so ideally want to know whats going on with it before I leave. The wife said the Engine and 4WD lights came on only a couple of days ago however the VSC has been on a few months (and she never mentioned to tell me before!!!) I took it for a bit of a run on way back from the Airport (3rd/4th gear 3-4000 rpm) and it certainly 'feels' a lot better however lights still showing. Any help gratefully appreciated.
  9. Hi and thanks for the replies. I was under the impression I would need to get the current problems fixed and then go to Toyota for the recalls as they probably woundn't touch it with the current faults? Also I had it serviced locally about 3 months ago and bought the service items (including oil) from Toyota and was given 5/30 if i remember correctly. Cheers
  10. Hi, Recalls have not been done according to Toyota. Had a local garage plug there computer into the car and 2 faults were showing. 1 was Oil level too much (which is due to diesel getting in I think) 2 DPF clogged up. Car is in limp mods at minute so only driven to garage at very low speed :(
  11. Well it did drive all ok until today when driving locally I had a few warning lights come on :( Engine Light, VSC light (flashing), traction light and 4wd Light are all now illuminated...
  12. Hi and thanks for the replies. As the car is over 5 years old and has done 110k Miles i'm not looking to repair via toyota! As the Oil level increases I have a feeling it is the fuel thats mixing in it. However only when there is over 1/2 a tank. Anything below that and its all OK.. Other than that it drives all ok..??
  13. So recently fuelled up my Diesel Urbancruiser and minutes after got a spanner flashing on the dash.. Checked the oil level and although was serviced 2 months prior was not showing quite a bit full. Towed to a local garage who re-serviced the car and put in the correct amount of oil and the same thing happened again. This time car was smoking badly...!! Any ideas people? Is the diesl fuel getting into the oil somehow..? Once the fuel level is below half no warning lights and drives all fine?? Cheers