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  1. Will post up a few pics of the ST after I've given it a clean, (might get banned though)😓. My old T sports actually up on Auto trader at the moment, they didn't even give it a wash before advertising it😭.
  2. Thanks, was considering another T sport, 05/06 plate but struggled to find a good one in the right colour, doesn't seem to be many for sale generally. Well the ST is already modded so next step is a visit to Dreamscience in Hull in December for the block mod which includes cam belt, water pump and a thorough service and maybe might add a sports cat for extra pops haha. Compared to the T sport, well it's night and day, it's so smooth, not need to wind it up to get anywhere and so far it seems to be about the same on fuel but I think we achieved that by making sure we drive off boost everywhere we go.
  3. Well guys I've finally moved on and traded in my T sport for a Ford focus ST2 225. It was an itch I had to scratch, but I will miss the T sport. It was so reliable in the 2 and a half years we owned it, just had a few issues like needing secondary air pump replacing, oil leak from cam chain cover being sorted and a few other little niggles. The new ST comes with some mods like uprated front mount intercooler, Dreamscience exhaust, K&N panel filter and black Team Dynamics alloys and we are really enjoying the mountains of torque that it has compared to the T sport. Will still keep an eye on this site here and there and pop in and say hello☺
  4. Wilko are selling Mobil 3000 X1 Fe 5w30 5L for £26, I have been using it for at least the last 3 oil changes and have had no problems. Not a bad price for 4 L though.
  5. Almost as though we have the same issues, I need a front passenger side caliper as mine sticks slightly, also my air pump is getting worse and throwing up a code more regularly. Probably cost about a grand to fix all the issues with mine, thinking I might just buy a newer T sport as other options like the ST are just to expensive.
  6. Car looks really good and that back box really suits it, not ott. How’s it sound now.?? Looks more like a straight piece of pipe rather than a back box though so much be quite loud, no?
  7. https://www.hometyre.co.uk/mobile-tyre-fitting/mobile-tyre-fitting-sussex/blog/do-tyres-have-a-shelf-life/ *Info was taken from this site.
  8. Since the 1980's tyres have had a date stamp added to the side walls so that you can see how old they are. During the 80's it was a 3 digit code giving the week number and year of manufacture. So 218 would equal week 21 in 1988, when we got to the 90's to differentiate they added a triangle to the 3 digits, so 218 (followed by a triangle) would represent week 21 in 1998. It became easier to remember from the year 2000 when a four digit code was used, so 2108 would represent week 21 in 2008. The service life of a tyre is usually measured by the amount of tread remaining; in the UK the legal limit is 1.6mm over ¾ of the tread all around the circumference. But we should also be looking at the date code as oxidisation is also a serious concern, and since tyres are made of rubber they degrade with age. Most consumers in the UK do not know that the date code exists, a survey in 2006 showed that only 4% of drivers realised that tyres becomes more dangerous as they age. A large body of scientific evidence supports, that most tyres should be replaced six years from the date they were manufactured. This six year expiration date begins from the day the tyre was made, not from the day it was sold and fitted to a vehicle. Tyres age dangerously because a chemical process commonly referred to as oxidisation occurs, this simply means that a tyres components are exposed to oxygen, the oxygen particles cause the flexible components of the tyre to harden and become brittle. Over time, the tyre will fall apart under normal stress, just like an old rubber band. Because this process occurs naturally, it doesn't matter if a tyre is being used, stored as a spare, or waiting on a shelf in a tyre depot, the breakdown process has started from day one. How old is too old? This is a subject of much debate within the tyre industry and no tyre expert can tell exactly how long a tyre will last. The results of experience of many tyre manufacturing companies including Bridgestone, warrant their tyres for 5 years from date of manufacture. Based on these understandings many vehicle manufacturers are now advising their customers to replace their tyres after 6 years, regardless of tread depth remaining.
  9. Sounds like age is catching up to you ha ha. The rear tyres sound like they are past their best, I’m sure that tyres have a shelf life and as far as I know that tyres are stamped with a date of manufacture and after a certain time the rubber starts to degrade, the side walls could have weak spots for example or flat spots in the tread. Not a tyre expert by any means but best to start with the cheapest/obvious options first.
  10. Aha..! After fitting my discs and pads I had a squeaking/squealing noise from the rear at low speeds/when taking off, it was the handbrake adjuster wheel on the rear wheel was a smidge to tight. Noise disappeared after readjusting it. Not sure about other Corrolla’s but on the T sport there’s 2 places to adjust the handbrake, inside the car and behind/inside the rear wheel (remove wheel and on the hub there is a little rubber grommet, under that is adjuster cog ).
  11. Did this start after you had the hand brake adjusted?
  12. Looks like the TTE back box we had in the UK. I think that would fit straight onto your petrol E12 no problem, if the back box was designed specifically for diesels then it may contain extra baffles for noise reduction so it may make your petrol Corolla a little quieter but tbh I doubt it. Also shouldn't cause any damage to your engine as it's just a back box. If you install it put some pictures up, that TTE box looks very nice!
  13. Don’t really no much about diseasals but when driving on motorways have you tried better quality fuel?,V Power nitro or BP Ultimate.... if not I would try before anything else as cleaning properties may help.
  14. Can you show a picture of what you mean? In the UK there was only 1 TTE box that could be fitted to E12’s.
  15. If you mean the TTE backbox then it should just be a straight swap, don’t think there’s any difference in internals with the TTE back box’s.
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