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  1. Thanks, Craig. I will check it out.
  2. Craig Thanks, I will check it. The wind noise seems to come from behind me. But I am not sure. Are there air exit vents at the rear?
  3. Is this the filter situated under the centre dash accessed from on the right of the passenger footwell. If so fitted a new filter a few weeks ago ????
  4. I have just changed my 62 plate IQ for a 64 plate model. I have noticed something that was not present in the older car. Above 50mph there is a rushing of air noise. This disappears if I push the recirculation button on the heating controls. It is very annoying and did not happen on the older car. I know its a strange one. Does anyone have thoughts on what this could be or have experienced the same problem?
  5. This upgrade is fantastic. David did my car a month ago. Every time I get in the car when it is dark it makes me smile...... Well done David
  6. David came to my house today and fitted the interior light kit. Great job and a we had a lovely chat about the IQ and things various. Thanks David.
  7. I have just found this product online. Very expensive but Xeon Could anyone advise if they could replace standard headlamp bulb http://www.horizonleds.co.uk/HIR2-9012-philips-luxeon-led-headlight
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