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  1. Need a 4A-FE knock sensor for my 95 corolla.
  2. Might not have one. Follow the intake and see where the piping comes from, if it comes from the turbo - no intercooler. If it goes through some box - intercooler. It might be small and hidden in the bumper at the side infront of the front wheels like the Isuzu Gemini.
  3. God I have never envied a Toyota owner this badly...
  4. www.kyokudoracing.com look at my EE90. Best bet you got is swapping out engines and getting a 4E,5E, or 4E-FTE. Brakes, upgrade to whatever the AE92 GTi comes with. Suspension, OEM strut brace from the AE92 GTi at least, a good set of coilovers. Prepare for big bills. You are better off buying an AE92GTi.
  5. I would take quite a few bits of an AE92 rolla.
  6. 4-point electrodes are not anymore efficient then single point. The only possible more efficient plugs are iridium/titanium plugs.
  7. The idea of a twin cam concept is a timing belt linking the crank shaft with the intake and out-take cams - right? That is how Variable cams came about, by having one of the cams self rotate to vary this relation. However - toyota -F heads have a timing belt relating the crank shaft with 1 cam shaft. The 2 cam shafts are then meshed together under the cam cover.
  8. 1296cc is the 2E, 1331cc is the 4E. 2E was a pure single cam (12valve), 4E is a 'dohc' - not true dohc, & 16 valve, with the -F type of cams. (I have had both engines, and currently a 4E-FTE).
  9. Hi, I got an EE90 - with a modified 4E-FTE (1.3L Turbo - the engine that comes on the starlet GT Turbo). I have AE92 brakes, the AE92 top strut brace, and lots of engine mods. I know want to improve the car's road holding and stuff. I am told most related AE92 parts will fit. But i am first concerned with replacing the 4 tired suspension. Any recommendations? - I dont care about looks, I care about performance and road holding, I use my car in hill climb races, and special events, usually about a go kart track (and for normal daily use :P). So what could i get for shocks and for springs? thanks.
  10. yeah, but i think even the mk1 original impreza bumper is good enough for me - i want to change bumper for functional reasons - fitting the intercooler. Coz till now the only solution is - mega cutting of the bumper, and air condition removal.. :(
  11. i would like to fit that bumper onto my rolla (corolla liftback), because i need to fit a front mount intercooler and have no space for it.
  12. I cannot quite speak of the actual car models, but the car manufacturers. My family has owned all sorts of cars, Yugos Morris, Ford, Peugout, Daewoo, Mazda, . . . Some of which we had more then one. However the only car we have kept with us for years where the Toyotas, we usualy sold them, because we had too many vehicles rather then they made us sick. Other japense cars weren't bad, usualy it was a matter of expensive parts that didn't get us into keeping them. So, from our experience (and a little bit of mine), TOYOTA! is the best. So, go for the flippin Toyota, that is a reliable car.
  13. yo tell me the color of that car please, i am soon going to respray the car, and i am lookin for a good color. Does anyone else have the code for a Toyota black paint (a gloss one, the ones that look like of KITT in Knight Rider :P)
  14. well i'ld rather have a 4A-GE, but here it is the other way around, non of those, and too many Glanzas and Starlet GTs. Keep in mind you're going to have minor engine mount altrations.
  15. what is an E11? and what is the gearbox's name? Don't forget i want a 6spd, for 5spd there is always the c56.
  16. What gearboxes fit a 4E-FTE? I am almost sure it matches with the gearboxes that fit a 4A- sicne the c52 comes stock on both. What other gearboxes bolt on straight? I really would like a 6spd.
  17. Hey sicne you have a 2E, if you don't want much of a hassle of engine mounts, put in a 4E-FTE.
  18. I am doing a 2E to 4E-FTE pics on www.toyota.vze.com i'll write up the whole journey later, currently just removed the cat. conv. and am searching who can do me a decent stainless steel downpipe. :) ;)
  19. well, the conversion, should be quite easy, coz they are the same engine series, so most mechanisims should match, should be a straight fit in, but why not just do as u wer suggested b4 me, change the diffective parts, and keep the 2.2 (more power), and less costs. ?
  20. Fly car man, wish i afforded a corolla with a 4a-ge :(
  21. so did i, the ae86 is a 4a-ge powered car, as far as i know
  22. well, read about physics, and resonance, and diver, and driven vibrations. now on a practical note at what engine temperature does it happen?
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