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  1. Soap in a sweet...mmmmmmmm...lovely
  2. Haribo Giant Strawbs are the best...and i've still got 9KG of them...hehe! Heart Throbs are good too, but they're running out :( Flying saucers - still just as good now as when I was a kid...and i've got over 2000 left still :P
  3. Well the ones from the states are no good for your car, as the projectors are set for LHD, meaning the beam pattern will go into oncoming drivers eyes __________/____________/ (LHD Projectors) \____________\____________ (RHD Projectors) Now, you can buy the LHD ones, take them apart and turn the shield around, or you can buy some from Taiwan (i don't remember name of site, but have a look on one of the US Yaris forums), they will supply RHD ones
  4. There's no rev counter in JDM models under the RS trim level. RS one's have them, but none of the others do. I wouldn't bother changing it tbh mate, it's a bit of hastle. Just but a seperate rev counter
  5. well i know the 15" T-SPort/RS wheels are +42, but they're 15"x5.5" or 5" can't remember If you get 16" wheels, +38 is about right 15'sbest about +40-+42
  6. You'll struggle to get rid of them. They have ant traps here, you put them on the ground, the ants go into it thinking it's food, they take it back to the nest and then it kills them (apparently). Only con is it can't get wet (no good for UK). Otherwise find the nest, put some petrol down it
  7. That's a chinese exhaust with an HKS badge on it mate
  8. HAHA, Spectrum's ruled! I've still got a couple of them at my Dad's in the UK. And Micro Machines..wow...still got hundreds of them and the sets they used to have with roads etc
  9. Might go to see Inter - Anorthosis in Milan, as i'll be in Paris at the time, then the return fixture here. Waiting to see what the UEFA Cup draw brings tonight
  10. This is really showing how much the league has developed here in the past few years. From the teams entered into european competitions this season, 3 have now progressed where they haven't done before. Omonia & APOEL also tonight beat AEK Athens & Red Star Belgrade respectively to reach the first round of the UEFA Cup. Three Cypriot teams in European competitions. Can't believe it.
  11. ...on becoming the first Cypriot team EVER to reach the group stages of the Champions League. Finally we get some Champions League football here with a Cypriot team (Maccabi Haifa played here in Nicosia when there were the troubles in Israel)
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