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  1. Sat nav failures

    Thanks for that, that is quite a lot of space, shame the fit is not the best. Regards.
  2. Ian. Grimmett

    Obviously I would pay for the item if in good reusable condition.
  3. Ian. Grimmett

    Replacement required if anybody has any knowledge of such an item it would be appreciated if the details could be forwarded, thank you.
  4. Mr

    Typo, now done.
  5. Ian. Grimmett

    Ok, yes, the trim surround, it appears to be a rubber of some sort.
  6. Ian. Grimmett

    Front windscreen rubber surround, anybody any ideas please. Thanks.
  7. Mr

    Can ANYBODY please help me find a replacement. Front windscreen rubber surround for a nineteen eighty five Toyota Carina 2 mkII gl please
  8. Grimmett

    Re 56 Verso D4D. 76k, regular servicing, has spasmodic loss of power, change into second gear, pump throttle and after a delay, loads of black smoke from exhaust and engine picks up. petrol consumption down. no fault code on diagnostic check but something obviously wrong. any help appreciated Mod edit - replies will be via the forum rather than to your e-mail address
  9. Rav 4 automatic

    Am I correct in stating that there are two types of auto box fitted to Rav4 , the newer is a cvt and there is an older. Can anyone advise what the older type was as there has been some unsatisfactory reports of the cvt box currently fitted. Thanks