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  1. On the UK car the alarm control unit is under the dash, just to the right hand side of the steering column. Its easy to get to. I have not had to deal with key coding or the immobiliser, so i can't help there. Andy.
  2. ^^^ This is correct. I had to disconnect my alarm until i sorted the issues as it kept going off at night. The immobiliser light continued to work while the alarm was disconnected. Andy.
  3. Yes you are correct, also the stability control that really does not bother me much if its there or not. Andy.
  4. Check the door light switch's and the wiring going to them. This might be a issue. I had the same problem on my T Sport. Andy
  5. Thanks for the information. None euro cars are different specs so the pin outs might be different. Andy.
  6. Thank you kennyken. I will study these and see if they can help me. I forgot about trying to get some autodata discs. I will be trying the paid section of Toyotatech to see what i can get there. The only thing that worries me is that it does not recognise the corolla T sport vin number. So if Toyota does not recognise the T sport through a vin number, will my payment to view its technical data be a waste of money? I will pay for a hour's viewing first and see what i can find. Andy.
  7. Can any point me into the direction of a 2002/2004 Corolla T sport wiring diagram or just ecu diagram also the same for the Celica T sport. Both UK models. The Corolla and Celica have slightly different ecu wiring. Andy.
  8. Yes. Same on many forums. It as destroyed good to information.
  9. I am thinking of getting a Apexi power fc for my 2003 Corolla T sport. The only power fc available for our 2zzge engine, is for the Celica T sport. The Celica and Corolla have different ecu pinouts, as far as i know. So i am looking for sources for a plug and play loom for Celica power fc to Corolla loom Also i am after a corolla T sport ecu pinout diagram. I have searched on here but there are many pictures missing on old posts. Thanks Andy.
  10. After a couple of weeks searching, i could not find the answer. 8 hours after posting this question, i found the answer😣 The answer is no. Andy.
  11. Hi Can the AEM f/ic controller, control/adjust lift setting? Thanks, Andy.
  12. I just apply extra wax to the area, just to try and preserve it as long as possible.
  13. Have you or a previous owner been using wheel clean or used a hand car wash, that does not mind where it sprays the wheel cleaner? I have see it before where the acid in the wheel cleaner as caused issues. My blue T-Sport as a few issues above the door on the roof. Not sure what as caused that. Andy.
  14. Cheers Ant. I will have a look at them. Andy.
  15. I can't see those wishbones on the Hardrace site. Where did you get them from? Andy.
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