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  1. No the fob just won't work at all. Keyless entry and start.
  2. Ok so, this is still going on..... I'm going through a new battery every 5 days!!
  3. I've now got it in a little pouch......I'll see how that goes thanks everyone
  4. I keep it in a large handbag...I did consider this so I'm 'trialling' keeping it separate from all the other stuff in there.
  5. Well generally it's at my home. When I got to work yesterday it said 'low key battery' but it did lock. Unlocked when I got in it at work but wouldn't lock when I got home (15 miles). When I was driving it last week, it allowed me to open it at home, but then during the journey it said 'no key detected', key was in the car. I then stopped and switched the engine off and it wouldn't start. Eventually it did....thankfully. It locked when I got home. Next morning I go to it to drive to work and it wouldn't unlock. Yes there's the key to use but that set the alarm off and I couldn't switch it off.
  6. Have ordered from amazon but delivery took ages and I've got Prime. When I needed one in a hurry I struggled to get one. I phoned Toyota and the unhelpful chap said; 'have you put the battery in upside down?' erm, no! It was working and now it's not. He said if the red light doesn't come on when you press the lock/unlock button then it's a problem with the battery. Fobs do not need any reprogramming. Are the batteries just rubbish? Is something draining them somehow? Used the car for 12 months with no issues....now suddenly this #confused
  7. Thanks. It's both fobs and the batteries have all been from different suppliers. Just ordered 5 from eBay for a fiver 👍🏻 Will keep trying.
  8. Thanks. It's both fobs and the batteries have all been from different suppliers. Will keep trying.
  9. Hi gang, i have a 57 plate rav 4, he's called Ron and we have a beautiful relationship..... however, we're having a slight fall out at the moment as his key fobs are going through batteries like nobody's business. And said batteries appear to be a bit like hen's teeth! For example; I put a new one in last Tuesday...... it stopped working yesterday! It lasted 5 days. I'm up to 4 batteries since new year and I didn't drive him for 3 weeks because I was on holiday! Anyone out there had similar issues or solutions?.. here's hoping. Thanks Tracey.
  10. Hi, and thanks. Mine is a 57 plate with the cd behind the sat nav.
  11. Hi, I'm new here, I have a 57 plate XT5 and I'd like to fit an auxiliary input to connect my phone (for music) ..... Is it possible? any advice ?? thanks.
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