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  1. Yeah those bursts would be the DPF regen. The ECU in a way, keeps track of the degradation of the DPF and will adjust values (pressure and possibly fuel injected to make certain the DPF has been regenerated.) accordingly to not be affected by the degradation of the DPF. I think what has happened is that your DPF has been replaced with a fresh one and the learning values haven't been set. I think the ECU may think the DPF is partially blocked all the time so keeps regenerating as it doesn't know there's a brand new one which is clearer than the old one. There's a utility in Toyotas Techstream to do this. You can set the ECU to know that the DPF is brand new so the values it has for the old one will be cleared and will learn when the new DPF is clear and blocked. I'm not saying resetting the DPF degradation to new would fix your problems but should certainly help i'd imagine and of course take what i've said with a grain of salt. edit: regarding Toyota, all the values would come up fine when its being read hence why they would see it as being fine. The DPF traditionally will regenerate whilst on the motorway which is why you see it more at a constant speed. The DPF will only regen through town when it's gotten to the point of failure where it MUST REGEN or suffer failure of the entire DPF/ DPNR system.
  2. Yeah I got it from the start. All engines are different and now that mine is configured correctly (no idea why it wasnt from the start..) everything is running smoother than ever. Can here the injectors ticking rather than knocking. Smooth as silk as far as diesels go.
  3. I got the spec values from here which apparently says the injection volume can very within +/- 3.0mm^3 per cylinder. If any more than that then its recommended to replace the Injector. Engine is running sweet as a pea now. Far less vibration when the engine is idleing compared to the incorrect compensation codes. And sounds a lot less less "tractory" It wasnt exactly rough but there was a lot of vibration at idle coming through the wheel. Sounded rough too. Now it's as quiete as any diesel engine. I'd expect to get better mileage as well. The engine is even smoother going through the gears as well. Beforehand it would hesitate for a split second. Not it just pulls when I ask it too.
  4. Well the proper codes have been injected into the ECU. The car fired up dead cold without any puff of smoke or any lumpy idle, like it usually does. Absolutely no smoke whilst driving during warm up and nothing at all whilst full throttle. Sometimes it puffed smoke on pull away. Thats gone too.. Injection volume correction is now: #1 -1.6 #2 1.5# #3 0.1 #4 0.1 Before, number 1 was 0.8 and number 2 was 0.3 is memory serves me right. So glad everything is okay. For future readers, spec is +/- 3.0 for the injection volume so anything over that means your injectors are out of spec and should be replaced.
  5. Small update. I still get smoke here and there but it's more due to a rough start. Car will fire up in two turns like usual but will have a lumpy idle for a few seconds. I pulled the glow plugs out and checked them on a jump pack, they're absolutely fine. I checked the fuse in the engine bay and that's fine, though i'll double check that.. I still get a bit of smoke when its warming up though.. Absolutely fine once up to temp. Never smokes. Is there a glow plug relay? Tried searching but can't find anything. I'll do a 3 mile trip to the gym and its fine, but on the way back it'll start smoking, as some heat gets into the engine. Whether this is because of possible failed glow plugs (as I understand it they stay on whilst the engine is heating up in cold weather to aid combustion and heating for a few minutes) or maybe the 5th injector is leaking I don't know. I was thinking it was smoking a little bit once the manifold got hot enough to start burning off the excess diesel, left over from combustion or the leaking 5th injector. I'll clamp off the injector like you did and see if it smokes in the mornings. I investigated further and found that, well... from what I can tell my injector codes are all completely wrong. Take a look. No idea why its like this. I'm going to upload the actual codes as per the injectors themselves say, and see what happens. I'll double check before I do of course.
  6. Well... 250 miles later My issues seems to have solved itself.. A slight puff here and there but only a puff and thats all.. No James bond smoke screen as someone said on this forum once. It seems to be getting better and better. It's clearing up and i'm glad.. Was it the bottle of Reddex or the resetting of the ECU? Maybe both but who cares, the engine seems fine! Millage is coming back to where it was before as well. I done a run a couple weeks ago and managed 84 miles before the first notch dropped on the fuel level (constant speed at 5am on a Saturday morning). Before it would drop 1 notch at around 120-150 depending on my driving. This time it dropped a notch at 114 miles so its getting better. On that same 300 mile run a few weeks ago, somehow it managed 350 miles to a tank. Last time I done a run like that I got 450+ miles to a tank.. So i'm glad fuel consumption seems to be restored. I also couldn't find the function in the utility section of techstream that you mentioned. Maybe you can't initiate it through this version or my ECU version simply doesn't support the function? Either way the cars back to how it was. Whoopie! (touches everything made of wood around me).
  7. Ahhh that's interesting. I'll have to poke around for it then. Be interesting to see what it does to my car. Tha is for letting me know
  8. Oh that's interesting. Would you think it's a good idea for me to run something like that? What does that utility do? Reset the short term AND long term fuel trims? I think I'll do this as well. My corrections sit around .4 to .8
  9. Sounds good. This is the first engine issue i've had with my car after 38K miles and almost 4 years of ownership so i'm not terribly bothered about it. Have to expect something after 113,000 miles. That's what I loved about the lexus. Still got 30-35 to the gallon despite being a 3.6l V6 petrol. Lovely smooth car that was. Ill report back should anything else happen. So far, all seems well. Would like to know what the milage is like as well.
  10. This is exactly what I was thinking as well. Everything looks okay to me. I'll have to see what it's like on a longer journey but so far since the reset etc, everything has been fine. Power delivery has been smoother and no smoke. I have another MAF which i'll plug in to see if the values are the same as the current one. Typically peaks at around 130 grams per second. the DPF seem absolutely fine to me as well as you say, nice and clean for a soot bucket.. I removed my exhaust the other day and inspected the bottom of the DPF. given I can only see probably 1% of the actually core but it was all clean, not black and looked immaculate. Will have to see how it is later next week when I return to University on my 36 mile one way commute. Edit: Any thoughts on keeping your RAV 4 now it's up and running? Still gonna go for the RX?
  11. 14psi. On my phone I can get it to 2 d.p. says 14.45 if I remember right. edit: Normally boosts up to 15psi on my phone. Will boost 17psi 60+ mph in 6th.
  12. Okay managed to do a bit of logging on my way to the gym and back again. First one is the whole journey. It's only about 4 miles. First picture is the entire journey. The long flat spot is traffic in town, crawling. Screenshot 2 is a third gear pull. I wish there were more data points. Seems to update a bit slow no not all that accurate. fourth one is another third gear pull. IT was a third to fourth up to 4K rpm each before I ran out of country road.. Doing 80mph at 4K rpm in 4th so thats where i'll end it.. Last screen **** was the whole of the return journey. You can see the points where I was able to reach 100% throttle towards the end. It's a shame you can only capture and save 30 seconds at a time on techstream. As you can see, the DPF never actually regenerated, nor was it instructed to do so. Strangely enough I haven't had a puff of smoke since resetting the ECU and dumping the reddex.. I should mention that resetting the ECU was just pulling the fuse. It wasn't an update. The calibration ID for the ECU is 302U8000. I'm not sure if that's the firmware version or not. Can't seem to find that information.
  13. Will do. Should be able to do it today. Do you know what the values should be? I've tried searching for a service sheet of sorts but couldn't find anything other than the proper voltages/ resistances each sensor should be when testing with a multimeter. Glad your car is up and running again! Should hope it runs quiet and smooth as anything. Should expect the value to change a tiny bit not not much i'd imagine as fuel trim is learnt and set. Suppose there was a fair amount? Luckily my oil has only dropped about 5mm below max in the past 9,000 miles. due a service now! Wonder if this will help with the smoke; fresh oil!
  14. What kind of throttle you looking for? Just a normal pull away? I'll see if I can datalog tomorrow. It's annoying that the version I have (10.0) will only log 30 seconds when you record the data. Some values also update extremely slowly (i'm using tech stream). I think i'll need to play around with some drivers and makesure I select the proper ECU number as I just clicked whatever on the drop down lists to get it working. I'll see if I can source some software which can do that then. Thank you for the suggestions. It could be the update as I'm not sure if the tuner pulled the file from my car or pulled it from a database. so the one that got re-flashed to my car could've been an older version. I'll dig around in techstream and see If I can find the version number. Thank you for the help thus far. been super
  15. Done some live data whilst driving, only about 20 minutes worth. 3/4 was country roads with the rest being on an A road. As you can see on the left with the values i'm monitoring, the DPF status was in an operative mode the whole time whilst driving which is odd seeing as i was poodling around country roads with an average speed of roughly 30/35mph. The DPF should regen when the vehicle is over 50mph however, it will regen whilst traveling slower if the DPF is really full but this doesn't seem to be the case as the pressure differential across the two sensors isn't even .1 PSI. I should also mention that the large spikes are me flooring it, whilst the jagged area 2 thirds in are on the A road. I wasn't at a constant speed or gear. Exhaust temperature was around 200 ˚C until I floored it in third where it spikes to just under 500˚C where it hovers between 300-500 for the rest of the journey. Another thing is that, in the second picture which is zoomed in. I was stationary on my driveway. You can see the flat spot at the beginning (blue line). It starts to increase to 500˚C where the DPF will start regening (I should've monitored both temperature sensors). It starts to drop then the status monitor reverts to standby which is when I turn the vehicle off. Ive also had no smoke since resetting my ECU and dumping loads of reddex in the tank. Only done around 55 miles though. Saying that, it started smokeing after a 7 mile round trip. Started smokeing after 4 miles whilst I went to town. My next port of call will be to stop fuel from going to the 5th injector. If this stops excessive temprature of the exhaust then i'll put it down to the ECU update which needs doing. I have the files ready, just a case of uploading the files to the ECU. Threepot, do you know if theres a way to pull the origional file off the ECU? I don't want to lose my remap haha edit: Should also mention all my injector trim values were within +- 1.0 which as far as i'm aware are within spec.