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  1. Just had my satnav updated free of charge now im driving down roads and not fields - cheers Burrows Rotherham
  2. Been back to toyota this morning they have now found a screw in inside tyre wall problem sorted.why dint they check tyres last week i dont no but this could be the problem.
  3. bought my c-hr in may this year and just over a week ago warning light coming on and staying on.Have reset this every time but still keeps coming back on. Been back to dealers they checked tyre pressures and reset it only for it to come back on before getting home.anybody else having this problem.
  4. The door covers these when closed so i thought they were the warning sensors for when the door is open.
  5. Can any body give me any info on fitting rear sensors on a 2004 5door .ive seen them on each corner but none on the door.can anyone help.
  6. bunjovi


    Got the ones off ebay from burrows toyota sheffield - perfect fit.
  7. bunjovi

    Luggage cover

    Hi when i bought my 2004 rav4 5door in january it hadnt a luggage cover, would this have come with one as standard or would it be an exrra.
  8. bunjovi


    Hi im looking for front mudflaps for my 2004 5door rav thats a good fit anybody help
  9. Cheers Firemac your info has answered my questions,I will search for a good petrol model. again thanks.
  10. Cheers forum members for the advice on Timing belt/chain engines also info on petrol/ diesel engines for low milaege use. Any more info would be grateful whilst im choosing our first rav 4. looking for a 5 door around 2004 to 2007. looks like it will be petrol.
  11. Hi im new to the forum Im looking to buy my 1st RAV4 Im wanting to get something around a 2005 model with satnav and leather seats. should i go for diesel or petrol, do they have timing belt or chain. i will be doing short mileage during week and trips out at weekends.i will average around 8000 per year. I would appreciate any advice from members cheers