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  1. Don't know but found this looks like a old floppy drive
  2. I've not driven driven the new Rav4 Sat in the one in the showroom whilst having mine serviced it felt good so i ordered one (company car).
  3. As above " all 2wd have an expected build from Feb 2020 and delivery from Apr 2020"
  4. Would you believe within a minute of seeing the cyan one a white one also passed me
  5. spotted this one whilst sat on the M6. didn't think i would ever see one in that colour.
  6. Ordered the Design FWD in Obsidian blue as a company car and have been told May/June 2020
  7. Hi i had the same issue with the locks at low speed and there was not a option for Toyota to turn on (2016 excel) . Don't get your hopes up.
  8. griff279

    3 Beeps

    Mine dose loud beeps when near average speed cameras (yellow on a yellow pole) its strange as its louder than other beeps from the car.
  9. theirs plenty of reviews on you tube with the sunroof fitted. it is different from the Auris one looks smaller from inside the car
  10. New maps now available to download.
  11. service engineer. cars serviced at main dealer.
  12. map update due anytime now.
  13. I received mine February 2016, today its just done 36,000 and still has the original tyres on and legal . no problems and still love it. we have some prius and prius + at work doing over 120,000 with no problems.
  14. No to adaptive, and no pedestrian crash either. O and the doors don't lock when you start moving.