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  1. Hi I had the same problem with the DAB radio dropping off some stations on my 2016 Auris Toyota came to my local dealer and swapped the head unit and the same happened they then unplugged the usb adapter i had plugged in the accessory socket and it all worked. When I looked at the reviews on amazon a lot of people had reported the same issue loss of DAB radio stations. Worth a try if you have one plugged in
  2. Will try and leave my keys on the roof for 5 mins and then try opening the drivers door. if it doesn't open then the 20,5 has the motion sensor in the key
  3. I'm confused was the anti relay attack not added to the MY20 Is this to stop them boosting your key fob signal to steal your car?
  4. ordered mine 2WD August 2019 picked up last week (company car on lease). Father in laws only took 4 month's but ordered on the first week of the order book opening for the 2019 (4WD). good luck hopefully will arrive very soon.
  5. I didn't realise there was other ships as I just followed the two from page 6.
  6. 14 months but it seems it was cancelled by mistake in December and reordered as we changed lease company. it seems to be the 2wd have the biggest waits. I have been following the boats from page 6 but neither have been near the uk, so I have no clue how its got here unless they have more than two boats, or it was built in Russia. Hopefully it will be delivered to me next week or the week after. its been a long wait
  7. Just had a phone call my Rav has been delivered to dealers this morning so anyone waiting should give there's a ring.
  8. Think these are the two ships they use https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:665516/mmsi:432817000/imo:9539171/vessel:ALTAIR_LEADER https://www.marinetraffic.com/en/ais/details/ships/shipid:665396/mmsi:432729000/imo:9426362/vessel:DAEDALUS_LEADER I have been told mine should be mid October 2020
  9. Can you use one usb for apple car play and the other for music on a usb stick?
  10. Have you checked the fuse ? it still shouldn't blow but could have worked loose.
  11. How much where the horns ?
  12. Colleague got a icon with nav delivered last week and it came with car play and AA he ordered last August.
  13. What spec have you ordered and is it AWD?
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