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  1. Gents Today again after 30 min driving when coming back home whenever I steer to right 10-15 degree or more I hear the sound from Front right side of the car squealing. I parked the car drove on kerb and spray transparent grease on rear side of the tyre. Again I drove and turn right quickly slowly all gone normal. But I suspect its need grease Do I need to take of tyre Can anyone advise.
  2. Can any one help Noise when turning steering wheel while driving on the right side. where / what to check. YARIS 2005 5 speed manual.
  3. Symptoms : squeak sound from inside boot or inside car from clutch pedal areas. Assumptionv : Car clutch is working fine Quick solution : In the boot spray the WD40 in the rubber boot area where the slave cylinder is located while other person keep pressing the clutch minimum 20 times. Leave it for 5 minutes. or come inside the car On the clutch pedal lube the spring + pivot rod which pushes inside + the connecting rod. keep pushing it by hand everytime you lube look for any damage parts if any it has to be replaced. Now come to the boot spray the same area using white liuthum grease and press clutch for minimum 20 times.
  4. Hi Can anyone help for 2005 Yaris vvti 3dr owner manual I am looking for a pdf. cheers mik
  5. Hi All It is a real pleasure to see toyota so many owners. I hav bought 2005 Toyota Yaris VVti just recently previous cars include Honda Golf. Why moved to toyota I think the reliabilty is the main thing not saying that honda and golf are not but toyota outclass the other. Hope fully you will be seeing lots of posts from me Happy to help. thanks mik
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