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  1. Hi the Toyota Alphard club has 268 members , and the Toyota Alphard owners club has 842 members at present . I joined the estima owners club when I first got my Alphard but just as with other toyotas although we may share the same Marque and perhaps the same 4 wheel drive of an estima or engine of a rav4 , the guys that belong to those groups have a separate interest to an Alphard owner. I have found by joining facebook and both the groups many helpful Alphard owners and have even had a stand last year at Japfest Castlecombe. The club just held a weekender on the Isle of onwards and upwards. I still have a look on here occasionally, but daily on the facebook Alphard groups....happy days Kim
  2. never tried will give it a go :) If you have not found it yet font of most Knowledge is he covers most things and if you like chatting or one where you have to ask to join, kim
  3. Hi please feel free to drop me a line ....over a year of ownership now not a lot of mystery left suspension ,lowered,tinted and the bluetooth up and running lol happy to share kim
  4. I went ......where were you lol kim toyota alphard owners club stand
  5. Hi all , Listed on ebay with pictures new unused Toyota Previa Wind Deflector Rain Guard Door Visor Set 2001-2008 Full Set Bought in error looking for £60 to get back some of my costs lol Please pm me if you have any questions cheers kim
  6. So that's for a hybrid as well ..never even considered a main stealer .....For a straight alphard £39.99 at formula one depots It's a game, is it not.
  7. Had My Alphard hybrid filled today , this has been more of a faff than I first thought as all the main cheap aircon merchants quickfit, formula one ect will not touch hybrids so I found one today, change out of £60 and did it while I waited all in all less than an hour ..well pleased back in a couple of weeks for a free recheck . Would recommend Mark 4 airconditioning Slough. Kim
  8. UPDATE been 7 weeks now still no V5C back from DVLA................there either doing some changes or are going to tell me never received it..because it was too much hard work ???
  9. Crumbs..... that means dicing with lorrys I know what you mean though ,My Hiace used to like 60 any more and it drank like a greedy baby ....I suppose I will have to call it relaxed cruising and see on this next tank full cheers kim
  10. Yep.... First tank top up worked out about 30 mpg but 80% was motorways and I do not hang around ..although the cruise has a max hold setting of 65 mph (100kph) . I understand you get a better milage when there's a strong town mix of driving ..I suppose thats why theres so many really high mileage vans on the auction sites mileages
  11. Am I the only owner of a Alphard hybrid on TOC ????
  12. I done the whole lot thanks to all that helped
  13. hello Paul , Looks like it's available on google play .....phones not here till end of next week so plenty of time to look , thanks for that ,Kim
  14. Hi Paul Have purchased a LG G3 with 4G ability ,as I have never owned a smartphone before I have no previous learning to get over this is a fresh learn . Just upping my payg Sim to a 30 day rollover bundle to include a couple of gb data , it's a £10 a month but I can get over that, lol I have printed out all the instructions for instant bluetooth recognition with the head unit using the fitted mike , use of hands free and phonebook built into the toyota 56064 head unit . As you suggested I will have to find a acceleration apt to get a readout for my speed to be on display. And my tomtom can stay in the glovebox perhaps. cheers kim