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  1. Nice montage! I'm glad to hear I inspired you to do the project. I'm sure your video will help give people the confidence to install the stock reverse camera! Also for anyone wondering, aftermarket reverse cameras will also work with the 59006 head unit.
  2. Nice pictures! They will be very useful for anyone trying to install the original Toyota reversing camera. It allows you to get a feel for how big the job is. It looks like a lot of effort to cut out the holes for the reversing camera, but the final result looks very good!
  3. Well done TRAvensisember! It's a real sense of accomplishment getting everything working. I didn't have any luck with the trip info either. My guess is the info should come from the OBD port as I mentioned earlier, but I didn't get it to work.
  4. Hi, Yes, Ill+ and Ill- will need to be connected for it to work, but I'm not sure where you get the illumination signal from. Illumination isn't marked on the pin out I have for the old w53828 radio. Sometimes the - (negative signal is just ground. If you have found the Ill + (positive) signal, it would be worth trying connecting Ill - to ground. Here is the pinout I got from Manicat's post. It's possible the illumination signal has another code I don't recognise here, so if anyone knows, please let me know. There’s a 20-pin connector D15 with the following pin-out:1 – Empty2 – Empty3 – Yellow (SPD / SNS)4 – Empty (MIN+)5 – Empty (MACC)6 – Violet (SWG)7 – Purple (SW1)8 – Light blue (SW2)9 – Empty10 – Empty11 – Empty 12 – Empty13 – Empty (MIN-)14 – Empty (SGND)15 – Red (AR1)16 – White (ASGN)17 – Black (AL1)18 – Brown (AGND)19 – Dark blue (AUX1)20 – EmptyNext, the 8-pin connector D58 that does not fit in the new B9012 unit, has the following pin-out:1 – Blue (SPD / SNS)2 – White (MIN+)3 – Black (MACC)4 – Empty5 – Red (MIN-)6 – Green (SGND)7 – Empty8 – Empty
  5. Hi Travensisember, Those parts look good. Nice that you found a cheap 28 pin connector. I wanted to buy an aftermarket camera, so I went for a pre built adaptor, but if you are comfortable repinning the 28 pin connector, that should be a good solution. Going by my guide I left pin 1 empty, but it's a while now since I did it, so my memory is slightly foggy :) If you are having trouble when all the parts come I can try to take apart my dashboard again to have a look. I don't have any experience with the factory camera upgrade, but it's good you've found the cabling. Nice not to have to run that again. Where is the last picture taken? It could be helpful for other people adding the factory reverse camera kit. Lastly, it looks like your original radio is different to my original radio. Mine didn't have DAB or the buttons along the bottom. Have you checked that it is a 20 pin connector? It's possible your radio doesn't have the same pinout as mine. If the colours are the same and they both of 20 and 8 pin connectors then you have the same pinout. If you are lucky, they changed to a 28 pin connector for your radio, and it will be plug and play :)
  6. You are right. I was looking up the radios on YouTube and saw a video "showing" Android Auto support on Touch 2, but most likely they were just faking it with mirrorlink. Probably not worth going out of my way trying to upgrade then.
  7. Hi TRAvensisember, I didn't hook up the brightness. I live in a country where lights must be on at all time. It is possible to change the brightness in the radio's menu. Most of the time the brightness is best on high. It only occasionally bothers me to have it set to day mode on very dark unlit roads
  8. Hi Konrad, you've certainly added some valuable information to this thread! I agree that the built-in Nav systems aren't worth it. I didn't buy the Nav option for my 59006. I was hoping it would be possible to install a touch2 radio once they become more popular on the aftermarket, but I'm not sure if they were ever installed on the pre 2015 facelift models. There are some press releases from 2014, but most of the press releases are mid 2015, so I'm not optimistic. If it is available it has android auto and mirrorlink, so that could address the navigation issues. If anyone has any information let me know. If I manage to find one for a decent price I will try to do another guide.
  9. Good luck! I believe this is the one I used:
  10. Hi TRAvensisember, If you follow my instructions in the first post, then you will get speed through. It is pin 1 on the old 8 pin connector. If you have the original camera it should plug right in. I put USB in my glovebox, I didn't have a cut out for it in my 2010 Avensis. I'm not sure what location I would change the OBD too. Try pin 6 and 14 first.
  11. Hi TRAvensisember, what was the original radio in your car and what are you upgrading too? Is it the w3828 to 59006 just like me, or are you trying a TNS510 like Kiers? Or something newer? The reason I'm asking is the pin out is different depending on which radios you are using and I don't want to give bad advice :) Did you buy the reverse camera kit from Toyota? I haven't tried that, I used a cheap aftermarket camera. Pins 6 and 14 on the OBD port are the ones I tried.
  12. Hi TRAvensisember, I did try the 2 OBD pins I thought would provide the data, but it did not enable the fuel consumption data. I still think there is a chance it could work if I played around a bit more, but I've lost my motivation.
  13. I thought I'd put some closure on the above question regarding the TNS510. The pinout I gave Kiers works if anyone else is trying to replace a w53828 with a TNS510
  14. That's great news! I'm glad to hear it's all up and running. I was getting worried that I'd given bad advice. You definitely need to have spare pins to add to the existing plugs or another ISO plug of the right size to complete the swap of either the TNS510 or the Touch radio.
  15. alphamusic


    Do you have the codes in the manual? I would think the instructions for inputting the codes would be in the manual, but I'm not sure if it is even a code problem. My 2012 Toyota Touch system doesn't seem to use a code.